Womenpreneurs Doing Good Mastermind Group

For successful proactive womenpreneurs, leaders and changemakers who want to have more impact in the world.

Inspiring time ‘out-the-office’ each month to celebrate your success, help you overcome challenges and expand your vision for what’s possible.

Running a successful business can be one of the most rewarding and full-filling things you can ever do. But many of us also experience times of overwhelm, self-doubt, health challenges, and family needs seeking our love and attention too. For those of us driven to make a difference we can sometimes feel something is missing, we’re no longer feeling joy in our hearts, or that we want to do more to tackle social or environmental problems. Does any of that sound familiar to you?

With your life experience and skills as a women there many compassionate, joyful and collaborative ways to succeed in business and make a difference. Ways that feel natural and are more authentic to the wonderful woman you are, rather than needing to use outdated ‘male’ strategies to succeed.

How would you like the ongoing support of like-minded successful women? All there to will you on, nurture you, challenge you, help you think bigger (or simpler) and sometimes simply to give you a hug when things get tough.

I started running my Mastermind Groups in 2009 because I’d personally benefited so much from being in a group of like-minded women. It was such a great relief to have a team of people I could ask for help from, and brainstorm ideas with. Many of whom have become great friends. I can’t imagine not having the support of amazing women. 

Our Monthly Meetings

At the heart of these groups is the principle that you feel better and achieve more when you’re part of a team of like-minded women and have access to our collective wisdom, skills, and resources.

Our meetings are special places where meaningful conversations take place around how to be smart in the way you grow your business, make a difference in the world, develop courage, challenge societal norms and step confidently into your authentic feminine power. We often discuss inspiring books, films and topics that help us become better global citizens.

If you’re a successful womanpreneur or leader joining our mastermind group could be one of the best investments you ever make.

What my clients say…

Other benefits include:

More focus, clarity, and direction for your business

New ideas you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise

Greater motivation to complete your goals 

 A team of people you can ask for help from

Inspiration from others 

Discounts for online training / workshops 

Who are these groups for?

Successful proactive womenpreneurs, leaders and changemakers who want to have more impact in the world.

Women who are running profitable businesses and want to make the world a better place. They value both earning good money AND the need for us all to help tackle some of the world’s most critical social and environmental problems. Most of our members are spiritual, embrace personal development, have sense of adventure and curiousity, are curious about other cultures/perspectives, and are proud to be ‘mis-fits’ challenging societal norms. I encourage members to align their business to the Global Goals.  

If you’re unsure if this is you, see below for further information. 

Where do we meet?

We meet one morning a month in Edinburgh, for ten months of the year. Plus for at least one business planning/co-working day either in Edinburgh or East Lothian. I would love to also run an online group if there is demand, so please read on and email me if this would work better for you.


In the past I’ve run small groups of up to five people although we are transitioning to a model where up to twenty successful women will all come together at the same time. For the first hour we’ll all catch up over refreshments and enjoy a short inspiring talk or group discussion before splitting into smaller ‘mastermind’ pods of up to five women. You stay in the same pod each month as most benefit comes from getting support and feedback from a small group of women who know you well.

How much does it cost?

Joining a mastermind group is an investment with the greater cost being the impact of not getting the right support in place, whether through a mastermind group or otherwise. Our members often avoid wasting time and money doing the wrong things.

Your time – the minimum time commitment is half-day a month for the monthly meetings. Most members also spend time implementing ideas, building relationships and helping others in the group. 

Your commitment – in order to get the most from being part of this Womenpreneurs Doing Good Mastermind Group, I suggest you commit to being a member for at least six months. I also ask you commit to attending at least five of every six meetings, so others in your group can get to know you and the best way to support you.

Price – £125 a month (approx US$175)  

Interested in joining?

I’d love to have a chat to help you decide if joining one of my mastermind groups is a good way forward for you. Please complete this short application form HERE

Once I’ve reviewed it (usually within three working days) I’ll get in touch about arranging a time to chat. 

I look forward to connecting soon. 

Is this for you?

As I’ve mentioned above, these groups are for successful proactive womenpreneurs, leaders and changemakers who want to have more impact in the world. Here is further information about the type of women they are designed to help. 

What do I mean by successful?

As I discuss in my book Heartatude, there are many measures of success including feeling good, coping well with life’s challenges, making a difference, the impact we have and achieving goals in all areas of life. To be eligible to join this group, success also means you reguarly pay yourself a good salary from your business/employer (or can support yourself financially from another source of income).

Every now and again there may be times you’re going through a challenging time, change of direction, or not doing so well emotionally, physically or financially, but on the whole you’re a positive proactive woman who is financially sustainable. You don’t need help working out how to earn money from your business. 

Why is financial sustainability important?

Growing a successful business is a journey and the type of support we need differs depending what stage we’re at. This group is made up of women who know how to grow successful businesses and want help to evolve, adapt and re-model their business for greater impact or want to enjoy the emotional support of women in a similar position. They don’t need help working out how to generate a salary from their business. 

If you’re a sucessful women who is new to business (e.g. transitioning from a successful career, returning to work after having had a family or setting up a business in retirement) check out my one-to-one support services here

What do I mean by impact?

You are constantly having an impact on the environment, others, the planet and ourselves. But is your impact positive or negative?

All women in this group think consciously about their impact and want to make a positive difference through their business. This could include implementing business impact, charitable, environmental and ethical policies into their business, reach more people through  publishing books or creating online courses, taking on staff, simplifying, automating or pivoting their business for greater impact. Or running charitable projects alongside their business. 

How do mastermind groups work?

Check out these short videos to find out more about mastermind groups and what to consider before joining one:

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