Imagine looking back on life with pride and joy knowing you made the most of life

Life is easier and more fulfilling when you align your life to what you really want and let go of what’s holding you back – with the support of an experienced guide.

Are ANY of the following true for you?

You’re ready to let go of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, fatigue, doubts, fears, worries, or want to cope better as you navigate your way through the Menopause – so you find it easier to create and enjoy the life you dream of

You want to find out who you are and connect to a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, confidence

You’re ready for a change or are transitioning into a new stage of life and want to explore new opportunities

You’re bored or feel there’s something missing and want to explore what a happy meaningful life could look like for you 

You want to make a difference, give back, or have more impact on the world.

Many of us thought we’d be sorted by the time we reached our midlife years. Yet the reality is we don’t feel this way. 

Peri-menopause, menopause, aging relatives, bereavements, children leaving home, coming to terms with being involuntarily childless, illness, and the way we’re often treated in the workplace are all contributing factors. Plus the cumulative effects of trying to do too much for years!

It’s no wonder so many successful midlife women are struggling to enjoy a happy, balanced, successful life – until they decide it’s time out to consider a better way forward and lead the change. 

You’re more likely to be happy, do well, and be more resilient when you practice self-care, align what you do with what’s important to you, and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. 

That’s where I can help – I can help you get clarity on who you are, find your purpose and overcome whatever is holding you back so you find it easier to create a happy meaningful life that will light up your heart and make a difference you’re proud of. 

What do you want to feel when you look back upon your life, ten or twenty years from now?

Life is an adventure

In 2003, I gave up a successful career in the investment industry to do something that felt more meaningful to me. Since then I’ve navigated my way through many midlife adventures including redundancy, growing a successful purpose-led business, divorcing with love, finding my ideal partner, childlessness, menopause, burnout, chronic fatigue, being involved in incredible humanitarian projects, and traveling around the world.

I feel so grateful to be enjoying my ideal life by the sea, knowing I’ve helped thousands of people to improve their lives, excel in their careers, grow profitable businesses, and enjoy a deeper sense of happiness, fulfillment, and meaning.

You too can embark upon new adventures so you make the most of life for years to come. 

Whatever change you’d like to create in your life, TODAY is the perfect day to start making this happen…

My top three secrets to success are to adopt an ‘I can do it’ attitude, to pay attention to what your body says you need at any moment, and sign up to the ongoing support of a great coach or mentor. Without any one of these three critical components, I wouldn’t be enjoying the life I do today. 

So, what about you?

  • What would you love to achieve or change in your life?
  • What’s stressing you out or is no longer working for you?
  • How would you prefer to feel?
  • What impact do you want to have in the world?
  • What’s holding you back from enjoying this now?
  • What will staying where you cost you–emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually?

If you resonate with what I’ve shared, I’d love to connect and work with you. Check out my services below and get in touch if you’d like to have a chat to help you work out your next steps. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

With love,

Bespoke Coaching Packages

Looking for support so you find it easier to make changes in your life or work towards a specific goal?

Sign up for regular coaching sessions so you can do this with confidence, momentum, and ease. Imagine how different your life will be once you’ve unleashed the mindset, habits, and emotional resilience to turn your dreams into reality. The frequency, format, and focus of sessions are totally up to you. I recommend at least 6 sessions (£100 for a 1-hour session or 6 for 5 (£495) when paid upfront). Contact me to find out more. 

My Meaningful Life Coaching Programme

Want to feel a deeper sense of purpose, connection, or to have more impact in the world?

During a series of one-to-one sessions, I’ll help you create a joyful life of meaningful life that will light up your heart and leave a legacy you’re proud of. Find out more <HERE>.

Transformational Feel Good Sessions

Have you had enough of feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, scared, or doubtful?

The good news is you can learn how to change how you feel. These sessions will help you feel better now AND equip you with tools you can use to manage your emotions in the future. Find out more HERE.

Nourishing Friends Online Course

Want more friends to talk to, go out with, and have fun with – without self-doubt, negativity, or drama? 

Complete this course to discover how to make and nurture nourishing friendships with people who will love and respect you as much as you do them – so you can enjoy this next stage of life in the company of wonderful friends. Find out more <HERE>.

1-Day Beach Retreat Makeover 

Know you’d benefit from an intensive retreat day of personal support to boost your energy, ignite your spark, and plan the next stage of life, business, or career. 

Spend a day with me tailored specifically to your needs and desired outcomes –by the beach (or online). Together you’ll enjoy a strategy session during which we’ll get to know each other and design the perfect day for you e.g. a mix of coaching, meditation, beach walk, yoga, massage, training, brainstorming, action planning, or clearing emotional/mindset blocks. Contact me to find out more.  

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