86% of consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit. 

Give-to-Profit is a compassionate business model for business owners, entrepreneurs and SME leaders who want to grow a successful business that is both profitable AND makes a difference in the world–for those who are driven by more than simply making money. 

How do you demonstrate the positive impact, both social and environmental, your business is having in the world?

Give-to-Profit Book

Discover how to grow your business by supporting charities and social causes with this inspiring and practical book.

Give-to-Profit Practical Guide

Find it easier to implement ideas you have from reading my book, with this free practical free guide.

90-Minute Strategy Session

Want help working out the best way for you to raise funds for charity or turn your business into a force for good?

Recommended Resources

Check out further recommended resources referred to in the Give-to-Profit book.

Business Impact Online Program

Discover how to turn your business into a force for good and become known as a business-for-good brand.

Give-to-Profit Blog

Check out a wealth of articles and videos on various business giving and social impact topics. 

Give-to-Profit Podcast

Tune in for inspirational insights, tips, and interviews on business being a force for good. 

Talks, Workshops & Training

Invite Alisoun to speak and inspire audiences at one of your events, conferences or to train your staff.

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