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Enabling women over 40 to feel good, give back and make a difference in the world

Want to overcome stress, anxiety, overwhelm, or burnout?
Need help working out how to survive and thrive during this challenging time?
Ever feel there’s something missing in your life or yearn to feel a deeper sense of meaning/purpose?
Keen to set up or grow a successful business that makes a difference in the world?
Want to have more impact in the world–personally, professionally, or through your business?

EVERY decision you make and action you take has an impact–on your health, life, the lives of others, the sustainability of your business, and the planet. Now more than ever the world needs remarkable women like YOU to practice self-care, embrace your authentic gifts, and shine your light. I help women do this through my books, services, and retreats.

Are you ready to FEEL GOOD and HAVE MORE IMPACT in the world?

Boost your personal wellbeing, success and impact

As an experienced coach and therapist, I can help you make the changes you’d love to make in your life.  

Enjoy more meaning, balance and personal impact

You will feel better and have more impact when you embrace the natural women you were born to be, focus on what matters, and strike a healthy balance between giving to you, others, and the planet. As an experienced coach and therapist, I can help you do this through one-to-one support and my book Heartatude. Contact me to find out more. 

My Amazon best-seller book: Heartatude

Heartatude, The 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success. Is there anything in your life you’d love to change? Do you have a goal or dream you’d love to achieve? Would you like to cope better with life’s challenges? This book is packed with practical tips, ancient wisdom, science, transformational tools, and inspirational stories to help you attract more happiness and success. Get your copy HERE.

My Amazon best-seller book: Give-to-Profit

Give-to-Profit: How to Grow Your Business by Supporting Charities & Social Causes. We live in a time when consumers and employees are challenging businesses to make a difference in the world. Charitable giving is an effective way to do just that and grow a profitable business at the same time. This book shows you how in 7 easy steps – so you can turn your business into a force for good. Get your copy HERE


Retreats for fascinating world-changing women

I run retreats for successful fascinating women who want to enjoy a week of relaxation, co-working, and meaningful conversations with like-minded fascinating world-changing women. My first retreat to Bali in 2020 sold out. Be the first to hear about early-bird discounts for future retreats HERE

Fancy joining my next School Fundraising Project?

Fancy doing something truly meaningful with your life? I lead teams of successful women who raise funds to build a school in Lombok, visit it the school then enjoy some pampering in Bali. Our next trip is happening in 2021/22. I’m building the team now-we’ve started raise funds and get to know each other. Find out more HERE

Join my Women of Impact Book Club

Join us to be inspired, enjoy meaningful conversations with like-minded women, and make a difference in the world! Each month we read and get together virtually to discuss books written by women, and for women who want to make the world a better place. Find out more and sign up HERE

Grow a profitable business that’s a force for good

I’ve helped thousands of people grow successful businesses since 2004. My specialist areas are marketing, monetising your knowledge with books and online courses, and turning your business into a force for good. 

One-off Business Strategy Sessions

Want help with any aspect of your business? During these one-off 90-minute sessions I can help you with all sorts of topics including marketing, writing a book, pricing, creating online courses, business planning and working towards business goals. Find out more <HERE>.

Business Growth Mentoring Program

Would ongoing one-to-one support help you grow your business or achieve a business goal more quickly? This program is for women who want to grow a successful business that makes a difference in the world–no matter what stage of business you are at. Find out more HERE.

Wompreneurs Business Circles

There’s something very empowering about being part of an intimate group of like-minded women who are all there to support you, champion your success, and give you a hug when things get tough. How does that sound to you? Contact me to find out more. 

Online Course & Mentoring: Online Course Creator 

Creating online courses is a great way to monetise your knowledge but it can be a huge learning curve too. Yet there is likely to be more demand in a post COVID world.  This online program teaches you to design and deliver courses that sell and enable participants to meet their learning outcomes. Find out more  <HERE>.

Raise Funds for Charity Through Your Business

Raising funds for causes can be a powerful way to GROW your business no matter what stage of business you are at. I help people to do this joyfully, effectively and legally through my book Give-to-Profit, Strategy Sessions and my online Fundraising Challenge.

Online Course & Mentoring: Business Impact Program

Most women think they need to wait until they have more time or money to ‘give’ through their business. I used to believe that too until I discovered the opposite is true: incorporating impact and giving strategies into your business is a powerful way to GROW your business. This program helps you get clarity on the impact you want to have and implement the best ways for achieving this. HERE

Watch these videos to find out more…

Conference for Good Consultancy 

Want to raise funds for causes or to have more positive impact at your events? In ways that engage and add value to your audience? Having run my own Business-for-Good Conference and helped other conference organisers have more positive impact through their events, this is now a service I offer to a couple of clients a year. Contact me to find out more. 

Invite me to Speak

Looking for an inspiring speaker for your conference or event? With over 25 years of speaking and training experience, people often describe me as one of the most inspiring, authentic and engaging speakers you’ll meet. Find out more HERE

Partner with Me

I believe we can achieve more when we work together. Partnering with others has been the most influenccial factor in building my business and my fundraising. While I’m not taking on any more development projects, I’m always interested to connect with others who share the same values and with whom I could build a mutually beneficial relationship. Find out more here


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At the heart of how Alisoun approaches life and business, is to act from a place of love, kindness and compassion in your heart–towards every situation, person you meet and yourself.

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Fundraising is a rewarding way to grow your business. Discover how and get ideas in this free ebook.

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