Alisoun Mackenzie – Life Coach & Biz Mentor for Midlife Women

Ready to feel good, do good, and make the most of your next stage of life?

Your wisdom years are the perfect time to live your truth, have fun, and do something that matters!

Now more than ever, the world needs women like YOU to live with passion, purpose, and intentional impact. 

You matter. Your happiness matters. What you do next matters.

ANY of these true for you?

You want to discover who you are or find your purpose so you can enjoy a meaningful life that lights up your heart and leaves a legacy you’re proud of

You’ve lost sight of who you are, feel you’ve got more to offer, and want to ignite your spark 

You’re feeling stuck, bored, or are questioning life and are ready for a new adventure 

You’re going through a life transition such as retirement or career change and want to do this with more confidence, ease, and flow

You want to start up or grow a business that’s aligned with your passions, talents, and values

You want to take your career or work to the next level—with confidence, integrity, and impact

You’ve had enough of feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or exhausted and are ready to reclaim your life

    This is the perfect time to live your truth, embrace new adventures, and shine more brightly than they’ve ever done before!

    As an experienced life coach for midlife women, that’s what I can help you do.  What to find out more?

    What are you looking for?

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