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Inspiring adventurous women over 40 to feel good, enjoy a magical meaningful life and make a difference in the world

Feel life hasn’t turned out quite how you’d hoped and what to make the most of the years ahead?

At a transition in your life, career, or business and wonder what’s next?

    Yearn for a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, or fulfillment without needing to go it alone?

    Had enough of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or burnt-out and long to feel more like yourself again?

    Want to give back, volunteer, or have more impact so you feel useful and leave a legacy you’re proud of?

    Many women over 40 feel there’s something missing in life–until they embrace TODAY as the PERFECT TIME to create a MAGICAL MEANINGFUL ADVENTURE they can’t wait to be on!

    I help women do this through my books, one-to-one support, online programmes, wellbeing events, yoga classes, and retreats.

    EVERYTHING you do has an impact–on your life, the lives of others, and the planet.

    Now more than ever the world needs remarkable women like YOU to live with passion, purpose, and intentional impact. When you do this you’ll also enjoy a life that oozes fun, fulfilment, and fabulous friends.

    You matter. What you do next matters.

    So now what?

    Ready to THRIVE and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world?

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    As an experienced coach, well-being specialist, and business mentor, I can help you create the change you yearn for–personally or through your business. Click on the images below to find out more.


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