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My mission is to improve the lives of a million people – by making it easy for businesses to be a profitable force for good and through supporting causes that tackle poverty, education and social justice. 

When I set up in business my primary goal was to replace the salary I earned when employed. I remember wanting to support causes too but thought I had to make my business sustainable first. Until I started raising funds for my humanitarian trips to Rwanda through my business and discovered the opposite is true – that supporting causes is actually a good way to GROW a business. 

I’ve found that when you connect and reach out to others, with unconditional love, kindness, and compassion in your heart, you not only help others, you grow as a person and so does your business – when you link your charitable giving and business goals. I share more about this in my best-selling book Give to Profit: How to Grow Your Business by Supporting Charities & Social Causes. You can also watch me share this part of my story in my TEDx Talk Isn’t Business a Great Opportunity to be Kind? 

You see when you embed charitable giving into your business, you don’t need to ‘give back’ to have a social impact – you are already making the world a better place simply by doing business every day. 

From Rwanda to Cambodia

I regularly do humanitarian work, volunteer, and have helped raise over £80,000 ($100,000) for causes through my business. I am currently on a quest to raise £35,000 (approx AUD$45,000 to build a school in Cambodia, like this one through the incredible charity Classroom of Hope:

It’s been such fun to have attracted an incredible team of twelve business owners and to be raising funds together to turn this school into reality. In December 2019/January 2020 we’ll all be heading out to Cambodia to see the school we have built and to start building relationships in the community so we can go back and support them more the following year. 

Check out and support our Cambodian school fundraising project HERE

My local cause of choice at the moment is Social Bite which is making incredible headway in tackling homelessness in Scotland. I regularly make donations to them, source catering from them for events and spent a freezing cold night last December camping out with 6,000 other people to raise funds to build accommodation for homeless people. You can find out more about that incredible experience HERE

You can find further details of how I support causes and commit to social impact below. 


Ways I support social causes through my business

Doing humanitarian work in Rwanda – trauma healing, heart-centered leadership and entrepreneurial skills training

 Run my own fundraising events – in person, webinars, tele-summit, courses etc.

 Raise funds by speaking at business networks and community groups

 Selling my miracle bracelets at business networking events and when public speaking

 Attending others’ fundraising events – speaking or selling my products and donating a percentage of funds to their charity

 Sitting on the board of social enterprises/charities

 Mentoring young people

 Buying social – sourcing social suppliers where possible



My Fundraising

I love to raise funds for causes through my business – typically through selling bracelets, running fundraiser events, fundraising consultancy, through day-to-day business activities and supporting others. Over the years I’ve helped raise over £80,000 (US$100,000) for causes through my business. 

Support Homeless People
Website   Help Me Build A School

My Impact

As I discuss in my Give-to-Profit book, there is a difference between contribution (what we do or give) and the impact we have. So for example fundraising is a very worthwhile activity but only if the funds are invested or donated wisely. 

My mission is to transform the lives of one million people through making it easy for businesses to be a profitable force for good and supporting causes that tackle poverty, improve education and support peace and social justice. 

While it can be difficult to determine the full scale of impact we have, my intention is to have a positive social impact in line with the UN Global Sustainability Development Goals

One measure of my impact is the results my clients get through implementing what I teach (books, course, videos, blogs interviews, podcast, talks, and courses) and client sessions. I measure my impact on clients through regular customer surveys and also collect feedback and testimonials.

I also make regular donations to causes in each time certain activities happen in my business e.g. when people buy one of my products, when I receive a testimonial or when I meet up with clients or business partners. Through an organisation called I am able to identify and share specific impacts I’ve had through doing this: 


If you want to find out more about B1G1 check them out HERE. If you decide to join quote GIVING087 for a special gift (I don’t receive any commission for referring you, they instead make an extra donation). 

Documentary film

We’ve also had an international award-winning film, made about the work we’ve done in Rwanda – When I Was Young I Said I Would be Happy. You can check out the charity I go to Rwanda with and the film HERE.

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