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“Business is an opportunity to be kind” Alisoun Mackenzie

Alisoun is often described as one of the most inspiring, authentic and thought-provoking keynote speakers you will ever meet. She has been a popular speaker at conferences, business networks, and community groups for over 15 years and welcomes requests to speak at events around the world.

Alisoun lights up the hearts and minds of audiences on live and virtual stages. Whether addressing a large conference or intimate group, count on Alisoun to inspire audiences to turn their business into a force for good–so together we leave the world a better place. Most importantly people who hear Alisoun speak are inspired to take action.

Hot topics that inspire, delight, and ignite action among business owners, entrepreneurs and thought leaders worldwide include:

Isn’t Business an Opportunity to be Kind

We live in a time when consumers and employees are challenging businesses to do good rather than focus on profits at the expense of people, communities and the planet.

Inspired by young genocide survivors in Rwanda, Alisoun discovered that charitable giving is a powerful way to turn a commercial business into a force for good. In this thought-provoking TEDx talk, Alisoun shares how fundraising for her humanitarian trips unexpectedly birthed a new compassionate business model, and the part we can all play in encouraging businesses to care.

Watch Alisoun’s TEDx talk HERE.

Give-to-Profit: How to Grow your Business by Supporting Charities and Social Causes

Supporting charities and social causes is a powerful way to grow a profitable business that makes a difference in the world. Inspire your audience to do good through their business with this inspiring and thought-provoking talk. This can be adapted to become a fun and engaging fundraising element at conferences and events, and can also be delivered as a break out session or one-day workshop.

Watch a snapshot of a similar talk HERE.
Download an overview of this talk HERE.

From Stockbroker to Humanitarian: Adventures in Authentic Living

Inspire your audience with this powerful talk based on Alisoun’s best selling book Heartatude, the 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success, and her decision to leave a lucrative career to set up her own business, do humanitarian work with genocide survivors in Rwanda and to go on to publish two best-selling books despite English being her worst subject at school. 

Watch Alisoun delivering this talk at a conference HERE.

The Compassionate Sales Formula Experience

Most people think selling is sleazy or dishonest and so avoid having ‘sales’ conversations. That’s what Alisoun believed too until she realised that selling as an opportunity to be kind.Invite Alisoun to deliver this talk change how your audience feels about ‘selling’ attract more clients–in ways that are kind, generous and authentic. This energising talk shows people they don’t need to adopt any unethical or manipulative sales practices to get clients and will transform how your audience thinks about selling forever. 

Find out more HERE.

Heart-Centered Leadership

 Also based on Alisoun’s best selling book Heartatude, the 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success this talk is tailored for managers, leaders, and directors who aspire to develop an authentic leadership style–one that yields results through being true to yourself, engaging your heart, acting with integrity, striving for excellence and being of service to others.

Happy clients and audiences

Here’s what people say……

Jessica Dall, Organisational Development Adviser, Scottish Parliament

Alisoun recently delivered a key note session at the SDF UK conference. She has a way of connecting hearts and science with learning that can only seek to engage and intrigue her audience. Her well thought out style of delivery and engagement, have been a real pleasure to experience.

Faith Canter, Author and Well-being Specialist

Alisoun is one of the most authentic, engaging and energetic speakers I have met. Therefore, I had no hesitation in asking her to open a recent event for me. Alisoun had the audience engaged from the start, she shared lots of wonderful information in a fun and inspired way and really set the day up in exactly the way I had hoped.

Lorna Prince, Organisational Development Partner, The University of Stirling

Alisoun is an inspirational speaker and trainer. She brings her life experiences, knowledge and understanding of what makes people connect and her motivation to capture the engagement of her audiences. I have been privileged to watch Alisoun in action several time and she never fails to capture the heart of her audiences.

Kim Macleod, Co-Founder of Indie Authors World

Alisoun is an interesting, enthusiastic and audience captivating speaker. Her authenticity and passion shine from the stage as she speaks from her heart. When organising my conferences Alisoun is first on my list of speakers as my audiences love her. Alisoun engages with people on an emotional level to create transformation – the queue of people wanting speak to her afterwards shows the impact she has. If you get a chance to have Alisoun speak at your event – grab it.

Sashka Hanna-Rapel, Branding & Marketing Maestro, Brand Sashka

Imagine entering into the room where Alisoun’s about to be presenting, and the vibe is eclectic and HIGH! She’s got the music going, and you’re so super pumped to hear what she’s going to be talking about. And then she starts… the first thing that got me was that Scottish accent (I friggin’ love Scots accent) and then her message blew me away… selling from the heart. So much wisdom was poured into her message. Alisoun is a dream to be around – she motivates, educates and excites you not only in your business but in your personal growth too. Be sure to attend an event where she’s speaking! She’s amazing!

Angela McCusker

I always leave Alisoun’s talks with a renewed sense of purpose, knowledge, a smile and a spring in my step – and more importantly, she inspires me to take action. Part of her compelling talks are her warmth and compassion; her belief and joy in making a difference. She also has a great breadth of knowledge and experience, and delivers an engaging mix of practical tips on how to make change, as well as many exciting examples of people who have.

Mel Sherwood, Pitch & Presentation Specialist, President The Professional Speakers Association, Scotland 2016-17

Alisoun’s talks are engaging, relevant and interesting and always straight from the heart. Highly recommended!

Book Alisoun as an inspirational keynote speaker or breakout session leader for your next conference or live event today.

Alisoun lights up the hearts and minds of audiences on live and virtual stages around the world. Whether addressing a large conference or intimate group, count on Alisoun to inspire audiences to turn their business into a force for good–so together we leave the world a better place.  Reach out today to explore fees and availability.

When you book Alisoun you could also buy one of her best-selling books to inspire and empower every member of your audience to take action. Imagine the ripples of change that will continue long after your event….

Watch Alisoun speaking through her YouTube channel HERE

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