Want to boost your flexibility, strength, well-being, or energy?

Welcome to Slow Mindful Yoga for Women Over 40!

Slow mindful yoga is as good for you as cardiovascular exercise 

  • Improve your strength, flexibility, and maintain mobility as you age
  • Boost your energy and improve your fitness
  • Let go of stress, anxiety or overwhelm
  • Quieten your mind to feel calmer, more relaxed, and a deeper sense of peace
  • Feel more in control of your emotional, mental and physical health
  • Sleep better
  • Increase your bone density
  • Reduce the symptoms of menopause including hot flushes, headaches, and brain fog
Imagine learning yoga from an encouraging woman who is proud to be in an aging body and appreciates the challenges of embracing yoga later in life. Someone who cares and will help you with both the practical, mindset and emotional aspects of developing a transformative yoga practice. 

Yoga is not about getting your body into specific shapes

One of the things I’ve been relieved to discover is that yoga is not about getting your body into a particular shape – there are ways we can all benefit from yoga no matter what shape, size, age, flexibility, fitness, or other medical limitations we’re working with. Phew!!! After years of thinking I was one of the worst in the class, I now realise most of us have physical limitations, and few yoga teachers I’ve experienced make classes accessible for those of us who are not young, bendy, and full of beans every day. 
Adding yoga to my daily self-care practice has really helped me overcome fatigue, increase my fitness, and re-align my life to what brings me joy. Everyday yoga helps me tune into what my body needs and what’s important-personally and for my business. It’s as though yoga has connected me to a new source of energy and flow. 

How could yoga improve your health or change your life?


Yoga classes, courses, and retreats 

I run online yoga classes/courses for women over 40 who want to explore the benefits of slow mindful yoga. I’m running a couple of fundraising classes in November and December 2020. A beginner’s course and regular classes will start in January 2021. 
If any of these appeals, even if you’ve never done yoga before, or you’ve tried it but it didn’t resonate at the time, I’d love you to join us. 
Yoga Classes
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With love and gratitude
Alisoun x

The Journey of an Unlikely Yogi

Having been a well-being coach, author, and business mentor for over fifteen years, becoming a yoga teacher in my fifties felt like a natural progression.

I’ve dabbled with yoga since my twenties. I loved how it helped me feel more relaxed, calm, and at peace. But I didn’t fully embrace it as I used to think yoga was all about getting into the right shape–which my short inflexible and more rounded body wasn’t keen to do.

I didn’t realise that yoga postures are only one component of yoga–that the intention of a posture is more important than the shape, and there are many styles of yoga to suit everybody.

Thankfully something kept drawing me back.

I was becoming increasingly curious about how yoga could help me age well. Especially during my forties when I suddenly found myself battling to overcome burnout, fatigue, and the alien force of menopause that had taken over my body. I was used to being an active high achiever but my body was craving a more compassionate lifestyle.

During this time, yoga helped me take control of my health, heal, and feel better. I no longer do the cardio styles of yoga I’d enjoyed when I was younger. Instead, I now prefer slower-paced styles including Hatha, Yin, Slow Mindful Yoga, Restorative, and Yoga Nidra.

The more I practice, the better and stronger I feel.

I became completely hooked after experiencing one-to-one yoga sessions every day for a week while on a retreat in Bali. Thanks to my regular yoga practice, I now feel fitter, healthier, and more radiant as I age.

When yoga captures your heart, it’s a transformational experience and a never-ending story.

It’s wonderful to be enabling other women over forty experience the benefits of yoga too–no matter what your shape, ability, or size.


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