What part of you are you leaving at the door of your business?

How true are you being to yourself in the way you’re showing up in your business?

Despite my desire to be truly authentic in all I do, I realise I sometimes forget to embrace every part of me in the work I do.

I can get carried away with the task at hand and forget to breathe and check in with what my body needs. I can drift away from doing what I’m good at and what feeds my soul to instead spend too much time doing things I’d be better giving others who are much better at doing them.

Have you ever done that?

Earlier this year I took my book Heartatude along when I delivered my TEDx Talk Isn’t Business an Opportunity to be Kind? I don’t usually take it along when talking about business and so it was a great surprise to sell almost as many copies of Heartatude as I did of my Give-to-Profit book. For months I’d been leaving Heartatude, and all it represents at home. Missing opportunities to boost my income and help more people.
More recently while reviewing my new online community I noticed I was about to leave out the happiness and well-being piece again.  Thankfully I caught myself and I’ve made the necessary tweaks–my community is now designed to feed the soul as well as the minds of business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders who want to help make the world a better place. Not just in terms of what I offer but it’s also going to be a more member lead community giving others the opportunity to shine. Gosh, that feels so much better!
A part of ourselves that often gets left at the door of businesses is that we are human.
As human beings, it’s natural to experience feelings such as joy, satisfaction, and pleasure. As well as to experience negative feeling such as frustration, stress or fear too. Of course, it’s good to manage our emotions effectively, but it’s also important to recognise that all feelings serve a purpose.  It’s human to feel a full spectrum of emotions. Our feelings can be a powerful feedback mechanism telling us if the lifeforce within us needs more nourishment. When we listen to our feelings they can be a powerful navigation system for whether or not we’re on track.
I still meet people who question whether there’s room for love, kindness, and compassion in business. My response is this: Are you human? If yes, then your feelings and the way you respond to them, and those of others, are the glue that helps your business to flourish. Or they’re shards of glass that will destroy it.
Computers and gadgets have tempted us away from being human. They may help us save time or be more effective but I feel it’s also important not to be attached to them. Shaping our life and business by the way software works isn’t always the best way forward. I wonder what could happen if we spent less time in front of screens and start re-connecting to what being human is all about.
Just imagine what could happen if you were to:
  • Turn off your phone or computer for a few hours every day–yes they do have on/off buttons!
  • Spend more time each day with animals and out in nature.
  • Spend more time connecting with people–those important to you and those who energise you.
  • Incorporate a daily practice into your life that helps you connect to the true essence of who you are such as meditation or yoga.
I was saddened to recently hear about the number of mothers who spend more time interacting with their phones than they do looking into the beautiful eyes of their babies. Wee souls eager for their mum’s absent attention while in their prams. Such behaviours are madness and irreversibly destructive in so many ways! Please let’s focus on being more present and human every day.
It’s only when you take time to connect to the true essence of who you are inside, that you’ll be able to hear the internal nudges of whether or not your business is a reflection of the best authentic soul you were born to be. I know I’m that person every day I’m on the beach, away on holiday or while doing humanitarian work. I’m working towards being that person every day. This awareness has also prompted me to explore how to offer business retreats and social impact trips as part of my service offering. I’m open to all sorts of possibilities for this happening with ease and flow.
Leaving an important part of you at the door of your business is a precious waste or time, can eat you up inside and will drain your energy. Instead, embrace every aspect of who you are and unleash the power within.
You never know what could happen until you do…
P.S.  Check out my TEDx Talk Isn’t Business an Opportunity to be Kind HERE. 

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