What is cause marketing?

It’s important to understand what cause marketing is so that you don’t fall foul of the law.

Did you know that donating a percentage of sales or profits to charity and mentioning this in your marketing could mean that legislation applies? How do you know if this applies to your business?

Yes that’s right it was a bit of a shocker to me too, but it is all in aid of protecting consumers and making sure we all apply best practice when raising funds for causes through our business.

Keep reading to find out more or watch a short video I’ve recorded on this topic below.

What is cause marketing?

There are different definitions around the world and it’s definitely worthwhile you checking out what applies to you wherever you live. Put simply, cause marketing is where a commercial business decides to run a sales or marketing campaign for the mutual benefit of themselves and a charity.

Examples include:

  • donating a percentage of sales or profits to a charity
  • incorporating fundraising elements or events into your sales and marketing campaigns
  • other action triggered donations for example when you commit and state that you’re going to make a donation if people share or buy a product a social media post
  • asking your customers for donations at the checkout. For instance, you might have been asked to do that once you’ve stayed in a hotel and you go to pay your bill. Or you might have been asked to do that through a retailer such as Amazon.

Why is it important?

It is important to understand what cause marketing is to determine whether cause marketing legislation applies.

There are other phrases such as strategic philanthropy, corporate philanthropy and strategic giving which are sometimes used interchangeably, but they do have different meanings.

I explain more about cause marketing and tips for growing a business by supporting causes in my Give-to-Profit Blog and my Give-to-Profit Book.

I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts – please do share your comments and questions below.

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