Travelling in a Covid and Post-Brexit World

I recently interviewed my travel partner, Isobel McCardie from Rock my World Travel on what we can expect when travelling in 2021 and beyond–in a post-Covid and post-Brexit world. 

Those on at the event got so much value from the conversation I thought I’d share an extract of our conversation here for you. 

You may also find my article, 10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent helpful too. 

What do we need to be aware of when booking travel during this uncertain time?

There are two key things to consider when booking travel at the moment – flexibility and financial protection.

  • What happens if we go into lockdown again?
  • What happens if a country is taken out of the travel corridor?
  • What will give you peace of mind?

Financial protection

You get extra financial protection when you create a holiday ‘package’ via a reputable travel agent holiday.
For example, if the UK FCO advises against travelling to the country you’ve booked a flight to, you may lose your money if your flight still goes ahead– unless you’ve booked your flight as part of a package. It’s less risky to book your flights and accommodation as a package.

What is a protected ‘package’ holiday?

I’ve always thought of ‘package’ holidays as those offered through glossy brochures that don’t appeal to me. I much prefer creating a bespoke experience.
Until recently I didn’t realize that a trip booked through a travel agent can be classified as a ‘package’ and give you extra protection. New package travel regulations apply if two travel elements are combined to create the package. For example, flights and accommodation or flights and car hire.
For further information about ‘package’ holidays click HERE.  

When staying with friends 

If you are staying with family or friends, even booking a few low-cost nights of accommodation in your destination will create a package. Thus giving you added protection through ABTA and ATOL.

When booking Airbnb

You can book most types of accommodation through a travel agent although not through AirBnB. If you do want to stay in an Airbnb property, make sure you have fully flexible flights booked, and good cancellation terms with your accommodation provider.

Implications of booking without a travel agent 

If you book flights and accommodation independently and the dates of your flights change before departure or you’re delayed can you can’t use your accomodation, you may still need to pay for your accommodation.
However, if you booked exactly the same flights and accommodation through a travel agent, a change of flights is considered a major change and so you’d be able to get a full refund or change at no extra cost.

What happens when the FCO advises against travelling to a country?

Travel agents are not legally allowed to send you to countries against FCO advice. If the FCO announces they advise against travel to a particular country, and you’ve booked your ‘package’ through a travel agent, you are protected. You will be able to cancel (for a full refund) or change the dates.
Airlines do need to refund flights booked as part of a package through travel agents.


There are some great opportunities to book into holidays into 2022. Lots of suppliers are currently offering good levels of flexibility, allowing you to cancel or amend up to 6 weeks or 28 days before travel. You may need to pay for an increase in price if you’re travelling at a different time of year.

Travel insurance

You need this from the moment you book. It’s worth checking that your policy offers Covid cover (some policies do, some do not). Make sure your travel insurance covers being tested positive before departure, or being required to self-isolate, and are therefore unable to travel.

Covid travel restrictions

Rumblings of what may happen in the future…
  • Quantas has said there is a high possibility they will require vaccination certificates to fly with them. As have Air New Zealand. Both are testing apps that can be used for this purpose.
  • Countries such as Australia and New Zealand, who through closing their borders early have had relatively low exposure to Covid, are likely to have strict entry requirements.
  • Some countries that rely on tourism may not go down this route in a bid to get people to travel to them again. 
  • Testing is likely to be part of future travel, both before we leave and before our return journey. 

Travelling in 2022 and 2023

As someone who loves travelling I was encouraged to hear it’s a good time to book travel:

  • Suppliers are opening up and taking bookings.
  • Most are focusing on the end of 2021 at the earliest.
  • 60% of last year’s holidays have rolled forward to this year and next year already. You need to book soon if want to travel in 2022.
  • There is a good number of people who have money to travel.
  • Some people are booking their bucket list trips now.
  • Good time to book ahead now, with the extra protection.
  • Even if you want to book last-minute, it’s still worth booking a ‘package’ for extra protection.

Travelling around Europe post-Brexit

Post-Brexit there are changes that we need to be aware of when travelling to Europe in the future:

  • You need 6 months validity on your passport.
  • There is more legislation around pet passports.
  • Internet roaming charges will apply – we are no longer eligible for sharing EU tariffs.
  • EHIC (health card) – the existing health card is changing to the GHIC which is at an earlier stage of development.
  • Working in the EU – you will require a visa to work in the EU and attend work events such as conferences. 
  • Holidays without a visa – you can holiday and travel around Europe, without a visa, for a maximum of 90 days. This may change.
  • There are likely to be longer queues at borders and passport control. 

In conclusion

While there are additional risks and factors to consider when booking travel just now, it’s great to know things are opening up and there are some great deals available. 

Want help booking your next trip or holiday?

If you don’t have a travel agent, I thoroughly recommend Isobel McCardie from Rock My World Travel. Check them out <HERE>. If you mention me, you may get a little bonus. 

Happy travels! 

With love,

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