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Travel Buddies: Five Ways to Find People to Travel With

Want to travel but not alone? There are thousands of other people who share your passion for travel and could make perfect travel buddies or travel friends. 

Here I share five ways to find your ideal travel buddies–so you can look forward to your next adventure with more confidence, excitement, and ease.

1. Speak to people you know

The easiest way to start is to consider people you already know. Your friends, colleagues, contacts on your phone, and those on your social media platforms. Some of these could make great travel companions. Also consider people you send Christmas cards to, people you’ve met recently, and those you’ve lost touch with. Plus friends of friends. 

Make a list of everyone who could be someone you’d enjoy spending time with. Then take the initiative and reach out to them. Find out if they share your enthusiasm for travel, adventures, or exploring new places. You never know what shared interests you may uncover. 

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2. Join a group of like-minded people 

There’s no quicker way to find travel companions than joining a group of kindred spirits e.g., a travel club, Facebook group, or Meetup Group. There are also travel buddies apps you could check out. 

Think about the kind of travel you want to do and the type of people you want to connect with. For instance, if you’re looking for travel companions who could become lifelong friends, you may want to join a local group, so you can meet up and go on adventures together more frequently. On the other hand, if you’re seeking travel buddies for further afield adventures, an online group with members around the world could be a good place to meet potential travel companions and people to visit while overseas. 

Additionally, explore groups that align with hobbies and interests other than travel. If you enjoy activities like hiking, skiing, yoga, camping, or wild swimming, consider joining a club or community group that shares your passions. Once there, you can nurture relationships with those you connect with who also have a passion for travel and could make the perfect travel partner.

3. Post an advert for travel buddies

Placing an ad can be a fantastic way to find the perfect companion for your journey. In the past, travel magazines were the go-to place for finding people to travel with. While that’s still an option, you can now also explore an abundance of travel groups, forums, and magazines online. 

When crafting your ad, be clear about your ideal trip so you attract like-minded travelers. Specify your destination, trip duration, and the type of experience you’re seeking, for instance, whether it’s budget back-packing or a more luxurious trip. Are you an outdoor enthusiast, a cultural explorer, or someone who enjoys camper vanning? It’s equally important to share the kind of person you’re looking for. Are you after someone who is spontaneous and adventurous? Or do you prefer a more cautious approach with a detailed itinerary? What qualities, values, and interests would you like your ideal travel companion to have?

It’s also worth considering your personal data, safety, and security when deciding how much information to share publicly. That’s where sharing in a private travel group or travel club could be a good option. 

4. Meet travel buddies as part of an organised group trip

While you may not know people to travel with, that doesn’t mean you have to travel alone. Numerous travel companies offer fabulous group tours designed for people like you so you can enjoy a special group travel experience. 

Personally, I love being a spontaneous, free spirit and meeting fascinating people on my travels. Yet, there have been a couple of times in the past, when I didn’t have friends to travel with, so I signed up for organised group tours of Nepal and Peru. I’d also consider joining an organised group if it was safer or the only way to travel to a particular country. What I love about going on this type of trip is the ease of travel and the diverse mix of people I met on these trips, including other solo travellers. Some adventure travel companies cater exclusively to solo travellers, specific interests, or women of a certain age. 

5. Set up your own travel club or adventure group

Are you keen to find travel companions for more than one trip? If so, creating a travel group might just be the answer. This could be a small, informal group of travel friends or it could be a travel club anyone could join. 

I met a lot of great travel friends when I set up one of the UK’s first travel clubs in 1994, STEP (Scottish Travelers Exploring the Planet). We were a committee-led club that organised talks and events, and offered a range of member discounts and benefits. I’ve since set up a WhatsApp group for local adventurous friends. 

Setting up a travel group is easier than you think. You only need one other person who resonates with your adventurous spirit. Speak to friends or post on any social media platform and see what response you get. How do you connect? It could be as easy as setting up a WhatsApp group or hosting regular Zoom calls. If you crave face-to-face connections, consider initiating a local Meetup group. 

In summary, there are many ways to find travel buddies and people to travel with–whether for a one-off trip or with people you hope will become good travel friends. Treat finding travel partners as part of the adventure. 

Imagine having fun embarking upon new adventures with like-minded friends. Exploring the world together and forming memories you will cherish for the rest of your life. 

There are lots of people eager to meet you, so why wait? Your ideal travel companions and lifelong friends are just a click away. 

Let the adventure begin

Take one step towards finding people to travel with today and soon you’ll be exploring the world with the perfect travel companions by your side.

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With love and gratitude,

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