How Can Your Toaster Help You In Business?

Have you ever met someone at a networking event who was saying all the right things, but there was something about them you just didn’t trust?

Maybe there’s been a time when you said ‘no’ to buying from someone despite looking for the solution they offered?

You’ve possibly even met people you’ve ‘liked’ but because they lacked confidence in themselves, you didn’t have confidence in what they were offering?

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a great time connecting with lots of new potential business partners and the diversity of these conversations is fascinating. I know I’m at the start of some new long-term friendships irrespective of whether we do business and there are others who I know I’m unlikely to remain in contact with.

Just like your toaster, it’s much easier to succeed if you connect to the right energy source – with people who energise you. Where your conversations and relationship feels easy, natural and energising, whether this be with contacts, clients, partners or suppliers.

We all have very different energy and so will connect with some people while not with others. Good toast is made from a mix of the right ingredients, toaster and energy supply – sitting your toaster on the Aga doesn’t have the same affect as plugging it in to the more compatible energy source!

You deserve to enjoy building your business – what type of people do you love to do business with?

For me I love connecting with kind, positive, proactive people who share similar values, like to have fun and make a difference in the world. I don’t chose to work with people who come across as negative, self-centered, cold or only interested in short-term financial gain.

Sometimes I don’t know consciously why I feel either way but I do have a motto I follow – if it feels easy, it will be easy: if it feels like hard work, it will be!

Trust your instincts on this one; it’s a much easier way to build a more successful and less stressful business!

I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts – please do share your comments below.

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Comments (4)

  • Alisoun,

    You touch on two really important, but very different, issues. The first – listening to your intuition when deciding to further a connection (or not) – so many times I haven’t done this and it’s gotten me in trouble! When an opportunity arises it can be hard to turn it down/let it go. Thanks for the reminder to trust my gut.

    Your other point was about projecting confidence…BEING confident in who you are and what you have to offer. If you don’t have this, people won’t be attracted to you. It makes me wonder…it can be hard to project confidence when you are just starting out (or starting a new direction for your business). What is the process for achieving confidence? Is it a habit to be learned – a piece of the preparation for going to an event or connecting with someone – that slowly becomes natural? Sort of a rhetorical question, but your mention of the topic got me to thinking…

    • Hi Terri,

      Thanks so much for your comment – I totally agree that sometimes it can be tempting to jump at an opportunity when it comes up, but it does get easier with practice. I find now though that when I say ‘no’ to something that doesn’t feel right, something even better always presents itself!

      For some people confidence comes from practice. For others it can be using tools such as tapping, NLP or other interventions to let let go of doubts etc. What I share is my perspective and what I talk about is coming from a place of Heartatude – aligning your head, heart and actions to your life/soul purpose. I share tips and tools for doing this in my forthcoming book (with the same title). When we do this it so much easier to trust this process.

      The starting point is about taking the time to get to know and really connect with the true essence of who you are. What excites you. What you love. What is important to you. What your story is.

      Once you’ve to clear on this and the next steps are to learn to love and accept this beautiful spirit of you and to pull together a team of people who connect and love your authentic self – thereafter it’s much easer to trust….especially when this starts to consistently yield results…

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