Like a bear awakening from hibernation…

Taking time out to rest and re-connect to the true essence of who you are is often the best way forward for you, your business and those you want to serve.

Today I feel I’ve recovered from jetlag after returning from a fantastic holiday to Bali, and that I’m re-emerging from a wonderful eighteen-month ‘break’ from my business. 
Yes, during this time I’ve been supporting my wonderful clients and have published my Give-to-Profit book, but other than that I’ve done very little outward marketing of my ‘business’. I also stopped doing work I no longer found fulfilling and gave up a business network I loved running for many years. Why?
Initially, I just wanted to take time out to re-charge my batteries and enjoy life for three months. But I loved my time out so much that break became almost a year. This year my focus has been publishing my book, rebranding, traveling, and putting foundational blocks in place behind the scenes. With the intention of emerging this autumn offering products and services more aligned to the person I’ve become.


While on holiday I realised I’m still very similar to the twenty-four-year-old backpacker who was curious about the world, loved traveling, exploring different cultures and making the most of life. I may not look as young as I did back then but I still feel it–yes gran I now ‘get’ what you said about still feeling young inside, even if I didn’t believe you when you were alive.
It’s only by taking time to stop and do less of what we feel we ‘have’ to do that we have the capacity to reconnect with those important to us and who we are inside–to re-discover what energises us and makes us feel alive.
My core passions and personal traits haven’t changed since first back-packing around the world in 1991 but there have been times when I’ve not been fully connected to them. Times I spent too many hours working and when ‘life’ happened. Now as I step into my fifties, I’m much happier, more self-assured and confident than I was when I was younger. And I’ve found new passions to reflect my life experiences. I’d also like to think I’ve evolved into a more caring and compassionate person with a broader perspective on the world. Yes, I’ve made many mistakes along the way but I also know I’ve always done the best I could at any moment.

Business is an extension of you

I see business as an extension of who we are and just like any job, we are happiest when what we do every day is completely aligned to the best version of ourselves today.
Today I’m someone who is passionate about empowering business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders to grow profitable businesses that make a difference in the world. Helping them to develop businesses completely aligned to what’s important to them and the impact they’d like to have in the world. Working with those who care about more than simply making money through their business. Those who are concerned about social problems, challenges in their community or the world and are ready to take action turn their business into a force for good. People who provide solutions through their business that address social problems and who proactively invest in themselves so they can help more people. As well as those who want to develop social impact strategies for their business, to support causes through their business or to develop meaningful brands.
Phew, that feels good to have that clarity and alignment! I’m excited about the months and years ahead. Having spent years working too hard only to find that wasn’t sustainable, I’m now keen to ensure my business fits around my personal life, not the other way round.
My new mantra for business (that’s been working for me and my clients) is to do less ‘pushing’ and more of what brings you joy and makes a difference to others. How does that sound?

The future…

Over the next few months, I will be revving things again–stepping back into the world with a more focused and refined business and a new support team.
As well as continuing to build my business mastermind groups I’ll be launching the Give-to-Profit Podcast, Give-to-Profit Community, fundraising challenges, and have several events lined up. My recent trip to Bali has re-ignited my desire to do more humanitarian work so watch this space to hear about a Bali Business Impact Retreat and potential Impact Trip to Nepal.

What about you?

What could you do today to re-connect with the best version of yourself you were born to be?
What impact do you want to have through your business?
To what extent is your business currently aligned to this?
Please do share your experiences and what you think below.
With love and gratitude,

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  • Great post Alison and it resonates with me. I have neglected my blog, put out intentions and not followed through and put my workshops on hold for over a year. It felt important to focus on my NLP training because l knew that while l would greatly benefit, others would too. Now I am back too! Revitalised, and with far more clarity. I’ve made no apologies because I have been true to myself and believe living by example is important. It was uplifting to read your own experience, thank you and I look forward to more.

    • Alisoun Mackenzie

      Alisoun Mackenzie

      Thanks for your comments Sandie, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. You’re right, when we take the time out to be true to ourselves we’re a greater example to others.

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