Ever feel you’re drifting aimlessly?

I was at an event recently with a fabulous group of inspiring women and it was fascinating to hear us all share a similar yet different story – one I often hear from women at this stage of life.

An experience of drifting.

Do you ever feel you’re drifting?

That untethered feeling of uncertainty, fog, and confusion.

It can come and go in fleeting moments. Last a few days.

Or go on for months. If not years.

But it’s more than that.

It’s an unexpected and often challenging journey through uncharted waters.

Strategies used previously to make the most of life can suddenly stop working during the drift.

In the group I was with, we discussed how the high achiever energy and drive that had served us well for years was no longer flowing.

Life events and health challenges had also turned our lives upside down and rocked our foundations.

The clarity, focus, and unwavering confidence that accompanied us as we achieved ambitious goals had sometimes been replaced with self-doubt, ambiguity, and indecision.

I remember one of the biggest challenges I felt while stuck amid the drift was no longer being able to trust which version of myself would show up.

There were also days I felt I was losing my mind. Months when I doubted whether I’d ever be able to enjoy a full life again.

Years of one step forward and several steps back.

Navigating your way through the drift

What I now realise is that there’s no right or wrong way to navigate your way through the drift. It’s such a personal experience.

For some, it can be a struggle just to survive.

If you’re lucky it can be a wonderful time of self-discovery and new experiences.

As with every situation we face in life, there are always things we can choose to control and influence.

Empowering questions to ask yourself include:

  • What part am I playing in continuing to drift?
  • What do I have no control or influence over?
  • What can I control in this situation?
  • What can I influence?
  • Knowing this, how do I choose to move forward?

Personally, I found the best way to cope was to surrender to the drift – to accept it as a normal and natural shedding of what no longer served me.

The more I leaned into it as an evolution aligned to the rhythms of nature the easier it become.

While also trying out new things to feed the adventurous part of me when I couldn’t venture far from home.

Shrinking back from life every so often, to integrate new experiences and perspectives and recharge my batteries.

Re-emerging with gifts from the drift

Now thankfully on the other side, I’m grateful to be re-emerging with a new sense of curiosity, adventure, and optimism for the future.

The gift of having to dip deep to keep going is that we can emerge stronger, bolder, and more courageous than we’ve been before.

I’ve become more confident to say what I think, standing up for myself, and taking a stand on things important to me.

Bye, bye to long working hours at a cost to my health and wellbeing. My business going forward will fit around my new daily energy patterns and having fun in life, not the other way around.

Saying no to what I no longer want to waste time on.

Saying yes to new adventures, more fun, and opportunities to make a difference.

What about you?

This is the perfect time to live your truth, do something that matters, and shine more brightly than you’ve ever done before.

Take a moment to consider what this could look like for you…

And get in touch if you’d like any personal support to help you navigate your way through the drift and embrace the next stage of your journey.

With love and gratitude,

Alisoun x

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