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Are You Doing Enough Joyful Marketing?

There are many ways to promote what you do, but which marketing strategies are best for you?

The way I see things is that we’re more likely to DO what we enjoy, rather than what drains are energy.  So today I share my thoughts on choosing joyful marketing strategies for attracting more of your ideal clients. 

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It Took 7 Nudges …

If you are someone who wants to attract more clients with the least amount of effort, what I share today reinforces the benefits of smart marketing so you are at the forefront of someone’s mind when they decide they are ready to buy what you’ve got to offer. 

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Focus, Fireworks and Fun…

Whether you master the skill of focusing or not, will have a huge impact on your business success, health and enjoyment in life.

Yet one of the most common challenges I’ve struggled with personally (and hear clients, friends and contacts struggle with all the time) is to focus on one thing at at time.

What is the ONE thing you’d love to achieve this year?

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3 Common Sales Practices I Hate

There are many ways to sign up clients that are kind, generous and ethical, yet many still adopt practices most of us find ‘yukky’.

This week I share three common sales practices that I hate together with tips for having more authentic conversations with potential clients….

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He got me at ‘a free Prosecco’…

One evening during my recent holiday in Lake Garda (Italy) we were wandering around the old town, looking for a restaurant that served good food, and had an authentic friendly Italian atmosphere.

We didn’t think it would be hard, but most of the restaurants we passed were either empty or only served Pizzas (not great if you don’t eat gluten).

Eventually we turned into a cobbled square and stumbled upon a good contender – it was busy with lots of groups sitting outside eating tasty looking food. As we checked out the menu a jovial Italian waiter approached us and asked if we’d like a free glass of Prosecco–that got my attention. And then he proudly announced they didn’t serve Pizza–now I was in!

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Are You Asking Enough People To Buy From You?

I’ve always been an advocate of building relationships and adding value through content marketing before ‘selling’ but there are also times when the person you are speaking to IS ready to buy when you meet them – if you have a solution that will solve one of their immediate needs.

For higher end purchases people may need longer to think but if you have a low cost product or leveraged service that appeals to a wide audience, you may find people will buy from you more quickly, particularly those who are ready to buy or who want to experience what you offer before committing to more.

The benefits of having a low cost solution and money flowing in was something I first learnt when I started selling Miracle Bracelets in my quest to raise funds for the humanitarian work I do in Rwanda – and the same thing is happening with my books.  There is nothing better than making sales (and money) every day and I’d really like you to experience this too! Not only because you’d then have more income but also because when you activate the flow of money, you’ll FEEL more SUCCESSFUL and in doing so you’ll be in a better energetic state to attract more business.

Last weekend I was at a great workshop in London that really pushed me out my comfort zone and in doing so help me make some huge shifts. As soon as the workshop started we were asked to focus on ‘selling’ in EVERY conversation – during breaks, lunch and the evenings, with the promise the everyone at the three day event would make money during the event. Being someone who hates pushy sales people and manipulative techniques I was curious to see how this would work and if it would be an enjoyable experience. And it was both – not only did I make 11 sales last weekend it was also great fun too. Even the teenagers who came with no business ideas were making money – one took home over £1,000!

So here are my top tips for making more sales / taking on more clients:

  • Have a low cost product that appeals to a mass audience – tangible products work particularly well but in the last week I’ve also been paid for future sales of my next book, a webinar, a couple of in person events I’ve got coming up as well as for marketing strategy sessions.
  • Adapt what you offer to the audience you’re speaking to – if you want to and have something that could be of benefit to them. As I’ve shared many a time, if you need cash in the bank, focus on cash generating activities and build your ideal business alongside this. There is money everywhere if you are flexible with your offering – if you want ideas, download my 52 Ways To Generate More Cash tip-sheet. 
  • ASK people to buy from you!!!!! – just yesterday someone said they’d look up my book on Amazon so rather than let that comment go (and potentially not get a sale) I let them know I had a copy with me they could buy then and there, which they did. If they like what you’ve got to offer and are ready to buy they will. If not, you can then at least establish whether they may buy later or are never likely to be interested. So you can focus your future efforts on nurturing relationships with the ‘maybes’.
  • Ask open questions – questions beginning with ‘how’ or ‘what’ inviting people to telling you what they need help with or are struggling with.
  • Offer to help – rather than ‘jumping into their story’ ask how you could help them. Helping others shift out their pain into solutions as quickly as possible is a kind thing to do!
  • Stop chatting & giving your expertise for free – I love connecting with like-minded people but if you want to enjoy earning good money doing what you love, there also needs to be a point you limit what you share in conversations and ask people to buy from you. If you don’t they’ll chat with you and pay someone else – has that ever happened to you?
  • Offer paid solutions face-to-face, and freebies on-line – when you are face-to-face you can move through the conversation of building rapport and finding out people’s needs fairly quickly and so you can offer to help there and then. You can always offer freebies face-to-face if you establish ‘now’ isn’t the right time for them – so you can keep in touch and be in the forefront of their mind when they are ready to buy. By contrast offering freebies on-line is a great way to gather contact details of leads so you can build up a relationship with them before you making them an offer.

If you are not asking people questions, to establish what they need and/or inviting them to buy from you, I can guarantee you are letting clients and income opportunities slip through your fingers. Please stop saying ‘no’ to people who are looking for solutions and ready to buy from you – start helping them instead!

Just like any other skill you’ve already mastered, learning how to enjoy more people saying ‘yes’ is just another skill to learn – what to do and how to do it in a way that feels authentic, helpful and respectful. That’s why I created my  Compassionate Sales Formula Course – because I hate to think of so many gifted people out there who are not earning enough money through their business because they’ve not worked out how to sign up enough clients or are charging too little for what they are offering.

I’m running this as a workshop in Edinburgh on 26th & 27th March (click HERE to find out more) and help clients with this on a one-to-one basis. I’ll also be taking this course on-line later in the year.

Whatever you’re thinking having read this post, now is the perfect time to take action that will take you nearer your income goals – what are you going to do?

Let’s get out there having more fun while helping others!

I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts – please do share your comments below.

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