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Are You Doing Enough Joyful Marketing?

There are many ways to promote what you do, but which marketing strategies are best for you?

The way I see things is that we’re more likely to DO what we enjoy, rather than what drains are energy.  So today I share my thoughts on choosing joyful marketing strategies for attracting more of your ideal clients. 

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It Took 7 Nudges …

If you are someone who wants to attract more clients with the least amount of effort, what I share today reinforces the benefits of smart marketing so you are at the forefront of someone’s mind when they decide they are ready to buy what you’ve got to offer. 

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Focus, Fireworks and Fun…

Whether you master the skill of focusing or not, will have a huge impact on your business success, health and enjoyment in life.

Yet one of the most common challenges I’ve struggled with personally (and hear clients, friends and contacts struggle with all the time) is to focus on one thing at at time.

What is the ONE thing you’d love to achieve this year?

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