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We don’t have to wait until we give back we can just give as many do in Bali and Africa in everyday life. Tune in to hear Kim Carpenter and I discuss how focusing on impact is good for you, your business, communities and the world.

During our conversation we discuss:
– heartening business giving reflections from Bali, Kenya and Africa
– it’s human nature to want to do good through our business
– giving back versus simply giving
– creating a business that is Simply Good for you, communities and the world
– how you feel more aligned when you incorporate social impact into your business


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About Kim Carpenter

Kim, brings over 20 years of experience in Digital Marketing and Business Development expertise to the table through her work a wide range of clients from Fortune 100 to solopreneurs. She was the co-founder of Wake Up & Change The World Digital Consulting Agency where she created the Evolutionary Business Accelerator Program and helped dozens of entrepreneurs with their online marketing and sales funnel development. She holds a deep passion for Social Impact and a commitment to helping you grow your business and make your impact in the world!

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