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If self-care makes life better, why don’t I embrace it?

A question I regularly ask myself when journalling is: “If self-care makes life better, why don’t I embrace it?”
Over the years I have got much better as I’ve realised there is a direct correllation between looking after myself and having the energy and va-va-woom to enjoy my days.
I definitely feel so much more energised and able to enjoy days when I’ve had plenty of sleep, meditate, do yoga, and exercise BEFORE doing anything else. And when I eat well during the day. 
Yet I seem to only be able to keep this up for so long before reverting to old ways.
So why do I find it so hard to stick to doing what I know will make me feel better, thrive and make the most of life?
Have you ever asked yourself this question? 

To what extent is self-care on your radar?

As I write this, I realise the days I trip up are the days self-care is not on my conscious radar.

It would appear self-care is not quite an unconscious habit (yet). Or at least not in the same way I consider what I’m doing today, what I’m going to eat, or who I’m going to see. 

I think the self-care filter or programming didn’t quite work when uploaded to my brain.

I learned so much from my parents, but I don’t remember much about self-care. Other than to brush my teeth morning and night, brush my hair, avoid fizzy drinks and chocolate, and go to bed early.

Thankfully I know I’m not alone. I don’t know anyone who has learned to apply healthy self-care practices at an unconscious level ALL the time. 

The good news is that once we have the conscious awareness of what’s getting in the way of embracing healthy self-care practices, we can take action to turn things around. 

What is self care?

I’ve recently had someone on My Meaningful Life Programme thinking she was good at self-care until she got to the module where we dig deep into the full scope of the topic. She then realised that like most of us, we’re generally better in some areas of our life than others. 
I think of self-care as looking after yourself so you have the capacity to thrive and be the best authentic woman you were born to be. Getting your needs met to extent you are THRIVING not just surviving – in all areas of your life here in the Wheel of Self-Care:

Your unconscious habits determine whether you’re an advocate of self-care or self-harm.

It’s our complex mix of beliefs, emotional triggers, and behaviours across these areas, that makes creating and maintaining the perfect balance of giving to ourselves and others so challenging. 

That’s why good self-care for most of us is a series of conscious acts and intentional living. 

Igniting the self-care bulbs in your mind

What would it take for you to light up the self-care bulbs in your mind so you can activate a new natural flow of energy and well-being?
When I ask myself this what always comes up is to reset my daily morning routine.
This was something I developed to get over fatigue a few years ago. I know when I follow it I feel so much better. 
It’s a checklist of things I do each morning, throughout the day, and in the evening. I refer to it first thing, during the day and before I go to bed.
Sometimes it feels overkill and I purposefully wean myself off it in the hope that the muscles of my new habits will be strong enough to see me through.
But I realise now that some habits are more stubborn to change. I’m good at sticking to things when I have no other distractions but that’s not life. That said, each time I really focus on self-care I find another couple of nourishing healthy habits have stuck. 

Making self-care easier: identify your pivitol habits

Most of us will have micro habits that will either set us up for the day or trigger self-sabotage behaviours. 
Are you aware of what any of these are for you?
How do you make it easier to embrace healthy habits?
How do yo umake it harder to continue with unhealthy habits?
I know that if I charge my phone overnight by my bed, I’m more likely to reach for it first thing. However if it’s charging in another room, and I have my journal and supplements beside my bed, I’m more likely to stick to my intended morning routine. 
Likewise, if set the intention to meditate, do yoga and exercise before doing anything else, the previous night before I go to sleep, I’m more likely to do this. 
Thankfully the one habit I’ve got into is having days when I regularly journal and review how I’m feeling and embracing self-care. This really helps me stay on track. 

What about you?

If you were to rate each of the areas in the Self-Care Wheel on a scale of 0-10 (with 10 being perfect), are there any areas you could nurture better?
Breaking any self-sabotaging pivitol habit and replacing it with a new one, will over time start to make a difference.
Or if you need to take more drastic action, creating a list of micro-habits for morning, during the day, and evening routines can be transformational. 
Personally I believe self-care is SO IMPORTANT and too often forgotten.
That’s why it’s one of the 9 Pearls of Meaning and is a whole module in My Meaningful Life Programme – if you’re just surviving and don’t feel your thriving, this will hinder your attempts at living a joyful meaningful life. 
It’s also why we have monthly self-care woman’s circles in my membership community Women Rock the World which is launching in October 2021. Sign up <HERE> to join the waiting list and recieve a special founder member offer. 

To what extent are you sabotaging your happiness, health, and prosperity through a lack of self-care? 

What’s the cost to you and others of continuing to stick your head in the sand?
Thankfully everyone can learn to embrace healthy self-care practices.
What are you ready to change?
Whatever you take away from this blog, remember YOU MATTER and WHAT YOU DO NEXT MATTERS. 
With love, 
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