Isn’t it time for midlife women to be revered for our wisdom?

I remember the day clearly. 

Celebrating the fortieth birthday of my boss, in my first job. I was only seventeen. 

She was a successful and compassionate woman in a male-dominated industry whom I greatly admired. But while singing Happy Birthday as we presented her with a cake, I was also thinking how old she was. 

The life of anyone of that age seemed so boring to the younger version of myself. I’m sure I also bought into common cultural beliefs such as people over forty are over the hill, past it, and that life goes downhill after forty.

Our aging awakening

Then of course, when we reach our forties, fifties, and beyond we realise there is so much more to life. 

More recently I’ve awakened to the shocking truth that much of the conditioning about older women has come from systems set up by men to control us and give them power and reasons for behaving in ways that suited them. 

Reframing beliefs about older women

Yet here are some truths about women who have had the privilege of living this long:

💕 No matter what your age or ethnicity, you have so much to offer and deserve to be loved, respected, and valued as much as anyone else on the planet! Yes, you do! 

💕 There are many remarkable women who have led fascinating lives, are stepping into their prime, and doing incredible things in their wisdom years. Yes, some of this is an element of luck and privilege but there’s also plenty of scope for most of us to do the same. It’s about choosing a mindset and surrounding yourself with the right people who will help you flourish and become the person you’d love to be. 

💕 The menopause is a natural life transition we need to get better at supporting women through rather than sweeping it under the carpet and leaving women needlessly suffering. Although it’s challenging for many women it isn’t for everyone. It can also be an opportunity to shed what no longer serves you and make changes for a better future. 

💕 Yet, unless we personally detangle ourselves from the cultural stereotypes of being an older woman, and take action to make changes, we are keeping outdated patriarchal beliefs alive.

Isn’t it about time women over forty were celebrated and revered for their wisdom?

The older I get the more I realise it’s only some cultures which bully women into feeling invisible and less valuable, especially as they age. Other cultures have revered older women for hundreds of years. 

We are not less valuable as we age. Our wisdom and experience actual means we have more to offer.

It’s time for women over forty to be celebrated and revered for our wisdom and we all have a part to play in making this happen. 

Creating change

This is your time to step into your truth, to shine more brightly than you’ve ever done before, and create your best life – without compromising who you truly are.  

I intend to be part of the turning tide as have thousands of women who come before me. That’s why I run My Meaningful Life Coaching Programme and Nourishing Friends Online Course

Over to you

  • How could you think about aging differently?
  • What could you celebrate about being older?
  • How could you make the most of your wisdom years?

Want any help? Contact me via one of the links below. 

Remember, YOU matter, your impact matters, and what you do next matters.

With love

The Meaningful Life Guide, Best-Selling Author & Coach for Midlife Women
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