10 Factors to Consider BEFORE Booking a Retreat

Imagine being away somewhere special where you can enjoy nature, endless pampering, healthy food, great company, and possibly even some great weather too. Somewhere you can switch off from the normal grind of life and nurture your soul–for a day, a weekend, a week, or longer.

There are so many different types of retreats available nowadays, but finding retreats catering to adventurous women over forty isn’t easy. 

I was fortunate to have been on an amazing pampering retreat in Bali but it could easily have been a nightmare as I write about in my blog: My Lucky Escape from a Love Island Retreat.

How do know which retreat is right for you?

Here I share ten important factors to consider ahead of booking any retreats so you can be confident you will have an amazing time.

These are based on my experience of attending many retreats over the years, all of which have been very different. Plus feedback I’ve received from people who have attended my events. They are relevant for both in-person or online events. 

10 factors to consider

  1. What are your desired outcomes? – What do you want to experience during the retreat? How do you want to feel, during, and after the retreat? What do you yearn for most? Are you looking for the experience of an in-person retreat or the convenience of an online retreat? 

  2. Who else will be at the retreat? –  The other guests on the retreat will have a huge influence on the extent to which you enjoy your retreat. What type of people do you want to spend your time with (e.g. interests, values, challenges, stage of life, etc.)? Who would you prefer not to be around? Does the retreat have a selection process or can anyone sign up?

  3. Who is running or hosting the retreat? – If the retreat is led by a host, how much do you know about them? Do you resonate with them? Does the organiser or host have experience in leading this type of retreat?

  4. Ease of travel – What’s involved in getting to the retreat? In a post-Covid world, this is particularly important. Do you want to take extra days off to travel to and from an exotic location or would you prefer to minimise your travel? How long is any airport/station transfer? What else do you need to consider travel-wise? What is the time difference?

  5. Location – What is the weather like when you’re planning to travel? How do you feel about the location? What appeals to you about this location? When is the best time of the year to visit? Would you prefer a city or rural location and why?

  6. The type of experience you’re looking for – There are many different kinds of retreats. What kind of format are you looking for? For the opportunity to complete retreat, relax, and be pampered? Or to new a new activity such as art, cooking or writing a book? I personally think of retreats as reflecting the literal meaning of the word–to withdraw from life but many people market retreats which are filled with activities with little time to relax. There is no right and wrong but it’s definitely worth making sure the whole experience is what you’re looking for. 

  7. Activities – What kind of activities do you want to participate in while on retreat? Do you want your days to be full of activities? How much free time do you want? When do you need to decide what to do? How much flexibility is there to change your plans or book up last minute?

  8. Accommodation – What standard and style of accommodation are you looking for? What facilities are critical versus nice to have e.g. air conditioning, a pool, mosquito nets, en-suite? Do you get your own room or are you expected to share with others? 

  9. Price/value – What’s included and excluded in the price of the retreat varies significantly. Get clear on what’s included and excluded so can decide whether the retreat appears like good value. 

  10. Reviews and social proof – What do previous attendees say? Check out reviews, testimonials, and all social media platforms. 

So what’s next?

One of the things I feel it would be good for women to get better at is to take time out to nurture themselves – each day, each month, and to attend a retreat. That’s why I offer retreats for adventurous women who want to nourish their souls and connect with like-minded women. Find out more <HERE>. 

With love,

The Life Coach for Adventurous Women Over 50

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