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If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or leader who wants to grow a profitable business and make a difference in the world at the same time, Give-to-Profit could be the business model for you. 

I explain more about this in my best-selling book Give-to-Profit: How to Grow a Business by Supporting Charities and Social Causes. The aim of this podcast is to bring the concept alive through interviewing inspiring leaders in the fields of social impact and charitable giving.

Tune in for insights, tips, and stories from successful business owners, entrepreneurs and change makers who are running profitable businesses that are a force for good.

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Thanks for your interest in being a guest (or pitching a guest) on the Give-to-Profit Podcast Show! I love to connect and hear from other business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who have made a success of putting social impact at the heart of their business.
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