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Being in business can be one of the best and most rewarding things you ever do. But it can also feel overwhelming, scary, disappointing and stressful too. Many of my clients join one of my business mastermind groups because they feel lonely or stuck trying to make their business work by themselves, and miss being part of a team. Or they know they are likely to accelerate their business success with by tapping into the collective wisdom, knowledge, skills, and resources of a group of like-minded people. 

I started running mastermind groups in 2010, having found being a member of them over the years, extremely beneficial. I can’t imagine being in business without having a team of like-minded souls I can turn to anytime for help, or a few calming words when things get stressful. Many of my best business ventures and my fondest times in business have been with those I’ve got to know through Mastermind Groups.

Would you like to have a special team of like-minded souls you could bounce ideas off?

Or to feel more supported as you grow your business?

If yes, joining one of my Magical Mastermind Groups could be one of the best investments you make. Particularly if you want to enjoy having a profitable and sustainable business, and the life that brings. My clients often talk about feeling more confident, enjoying being part of a team and getting clients they wouldn’t otherwise get, as a direct result of participating in regular mastermind groups. Other benefits you could experience if you joined us include having:

More focus, clarity, and direction for your business

 New ideas to implement you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise

 Greater motivation to complete your goals (that comes from making a commitment to others)

 A team of people you can ask for help from

 Discounted online training courses to accelerate your success

Here is what some of my clients have to say…

How do these business mastermind groups work?

At the heart of these groups is the principle that you will achieve far more when you’re part of a team of like-minded souls and have access to the collective wisdom, skills, and resources of others. After an initial chat, if we both feel this is the right way forward for you, I’ll invite you to join  a small group of business owners and entrepreneurs, who are at a similar stage in their business journey:

Why are you considering joining a mastermind group?

Do you want more clients?

My marketing mastermind groups are for those who have been in business for 6+ months on a full-time basis and are looking for help to get more clients or refining their product/service offerings. I offer marketing groups both online and in Edinburgh. Optional training courses available for a discounted fee: The Compassionate Sales Formula plus marketing masterclasses. 

Do you want to publish a book or generate income from online courses?

My passive income mastermind groups for those wanting to generate income from ‘wisdom’ products such as online courses, programs, books or membership clubs.  There are two levels of group: one for those just starting out and another for those who have learned the basics already and are generating some income from one of these revenue streams. I run these groups both online and in Edinburgh. Optional training course available at a discounted fee: The Online Course Creator plus short masterclasses. 

Do you want to take your business to the next level with ease and flow?

My authentic leader mastermind is for those who are already running a profitable business and who want to take their business to the next level, change direction or to simplify their business. The focus of this group is up-scaling your business e.g. how to employ/contract the right people, put good systems in place, leverage your time/resources better and how to overcome other challenges that come with running a successful business. 

Mastermind Meetings

We meet for two hours a month, either in person or online using Zoom video conferencing software.

I facilitate each meeting personally with the typical format of meetings being a mix of progress updates, hot-seat slots for all members, and sharing of ideas. Members often say they learn and take ideas from others’ discussions, as well as those relating to areas they’ve asked for help with. 

Members will also be invited to join me on a Business Planning Day near Edinburgh twice a year. 

Between our monthly meetings, members can ask questions and get support anytime in our online community.

Training Courses: 50% Discount

The focus of mastermind groups is to give you support and share ideas for how you can overcome challenges or implement your ideas. However, sometimes it’s also worth investing in learning how to master certain skills or knowledge.

I offer a range of online training courses on marketing, creating online courses and more. As one of my mastermind clients, you are eligible for a 50% off my home study courses. 

Here’s What You’ll Get Access To

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings (2 hrs)

Get your business challenges solved with help from a team of people wanting you to succeed! Either in Edinburgh or on-line, depending on what suits you best.

On-line Community

On-line Community

Be part of secret Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get feedback and network with me and other members–anytime!

Business Planning Days

Business Planning Days

Join me and other mastermind clients for a day of reflection, celebration, business planning, networking and fun! Twice a year.

On-line Training and Resources

On-line Training And Resources

Get access to discounted training plus lots of templates and tip sheets to accelerate your success.

How much does this cost?

Joining a mastermind group is an investment of both time and money rather than a cost. The greater cost is often the cost of not getting the right support in place, whether through a mastermind group or otherwise.

Your time commitment

The minimum time commitment is two hours a month for the monthly meetings. However, if you want to get a good return on your investment it would be worth spending more time implementing ideas, networking and supporting other members, and also completing any training you feel you need.

In order to get the most from being part of any business mastermind group, I suggest you commit to being a member for at least six months. I also ask you commit to attending at least five of every six meetings, so others in your group can get to know you and the best way to support you.


Marketing and Passive Income groups: £95 a month (approx US$125) 

Authentic Leaders group: £150 a month (approx US$190)

What makes this a worthwhile investment?

 As well as being an affordable way to access good support as you grow your business, being a member of a business mastermind group could SAVE you time and money – because you’ll not be wasting it doing what doesn’t work, feeling stuck or searching endlessly for solutions. Instead, you’ll have a team of people who can help and support you in making smarter business decisions. 

But these groups are not for everyone. 

Like all my business mentoring services, I only work with positive proactive people. Of course, it’s natural to have bad days and we will be there to support you through those times, but as a baseline, these being in a mastermind group is only a good investment if you turn up to meetings, do what you say you’ll do between sessions and generally adopt a positive mindset. 

Some people prefer or need one-to-one support. As a member of one of my mastermind groups, you can book additional one-to-one sessions with me whenever the need arises (at an additional cost). However, if you want regular one-to-one support, my Compassionate Business Program may be a better option. 

Please also note that the groups I run are not for people at the early stage of setting up in business. You need to have been in business on a full-time basis for at least six months i.e. to be offering at least one product/ service and generating some income – whether or not you’re actually paying yourself a salary. 

To help you determine if this could be a good way forward for you, ask yourself the following questions:

How could having access to a mentor and being part of a support group of people help me?

What would make this a worthwhile investment?

What is the cost of not getting the support I need to grow my business?

How many new clients would cover the monthly fee? 

How do I join?

In order for you to get the most from a group, it’s important that all group members have similar values and are at a similar stage of their business. So if what I’ve shared sounds good and you’re a proactive soul who is ready to commit the time and money to take your business to the next level, I’d love to have a chat – to help you decide whether joining one of my business mastermind groups is the right way forward.

So please apply click HERE

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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