Imagine feeling calm, confident and really happy with your life, and business…

How good would that be?

Heart-centered business owners and entrepreneurs have a huge desire to help others, and make a difference in the world, but often neglect to look after themselves–working too many hours, not eating properly, not exercising enough or taking valuable time out to have fun.

I’ve experienced this the hard way–in the last couple of years I’ve suffered adrenal fatigue, and various other illnesses, because I’d been putting my business and others first.

While I know many ways to let go of stress and enjoy regular holidays, in the weeks I work, I recognise I’ve prioritised my work too much in the past.

Does any of that sound familiar to you?

Running a successful business is a brilliant way to grow personally but will challenge your beliefs about many things, particularly those you’ve held about yourself, success, and money.

Each time this arises, these are choice points–opportunities for you to give in to old ways of thinking and feeling, or smash through them and take inspired action.

What do you usually do?

Forgetting to put yourself in the best place emotionally, physically, and spiritually for success is not sustainable–for you personally or your business.

Thankfully there’s a way you can identify when it’s time for change–by paying attention to how you feel in your body.

If you experience stress, overwhelm, anxiety or doubts, either personally or in relation to your business, this is feedback that your body wants you to do something(s) different.

That it’s time for you to be compassionate towards yourself, and experience more joy…

This is likely to involve changing what you are thinking, feeling and doing and that’s what I can help you with during these sessions.

The content and format of these sessions is tailored to your personal needs, desired outcomes and preferences. Typically I may use a range of transformational tools during these sessions, including coaching, NLP and EFT  (tapping) to help you overcome what’s sabotaging your success.

I usually work with clients via phone or Skype. Or face-to-face in North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland.

The cost per session is £250 per hour, with a block booking rate of six sessions for the price of five (£1,250) when booked and paid for in full in advance.

Click on one of the buttons below to arrange your first session.

1 Session: £250.00 ($350 USD)

Block of 6 Sessions: £1,250 ($1,750)

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? As your coach I will help you define your goals and work out how to achieve these, through regular coaching sessions. It is suggested that you commit to at least 6 sessions or a full day. You may also want to check out my training & coaching programmes. “Alisoun is a very approachable and friendly person with sound people skills. She effectively guides her clients through to their objectives with just the right balance of humour and sensitivity. Her professionalism in all aspects of her work means that you can be assured of her utmost attention and total confidentiality.” Jane

 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
EFT is a wonderful technique that enables you to overcome emotional issues, many physical symptoms and change beliefs. By simply tapping on certain parts of the body (a bit like acupuncture without the needles) you correct imbalances in your body’s energy system, so you feel better, think differently and get better results. “The EFT session with Alisoun was amazing.  Within half an hour the migraine symptoms (of nausea, neuralgia & head ache) were all alleviated and disappeared. EFT now provides an easy, quick and natural way for me to treat and prevent migraines. I also now use it for tiredness and slimming and found it to be just as effective.  It’s been wonderful to find something so natural, quick and easy that has such a profound and beneficial effect.” Fiona
Hypnosis is a natural physical ‘state’ of awareness you experience when drifting off to sleep, slowly awakening or day-dreaming. Hypnotherapy simply involves relaxing and listening to hypnotic suggestions designed to enable you to overcome problems arising from psychological causes. For hypnotherapy to work you need to want it to happen, expect it to happen and to allow it to happen. ” My worst nightmare was – going to the airport and getting on a plane.  After my sessions with Alisoun I could fly the plane myself!  It has made such a difference.” Susanne
 Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
A series of powerful tools that enable you to overcome undesirable habits, thoughts and behaviours. A quick and effective way to get lasting results. “Alisoun brings passion and energy to all her sessions. She allows people to think differently and experience life in a more fruitful and positive way. Bonnie
 Time Line Therapy (TLT)
Time Line Therapy (TLT) assists you in letting go of negative emotions associated to events in the past to enable you to make better choices in the future. You do this without having to re-live the event(s) that triggered the emotional response.

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