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If you are someone who wants to attract more clients with the least amount of effort, what I share today reinforces the benefits of smart marketing so you are at the forefront of someone’s mind when they decide they are ready to buy what you’ve got to offer. 

I’d like to start my sharing something that happened to me recently as a customer, that really highlights the importance of one of things I talk about and teach in my training courses. Yet is something most people shy aware from, despite it being one of the top three things you can do to enjoy having more clients.

A few weeks ago one of my clients was launching a new program which I knew I wanted to sign up to. The first thing that she did was to send out an email letting those of us on her database know it was available.

I opened the email and clicked on the link to her website, where she had three different choices and I was left in the position of thinking ‘Brilliant, I know I want to sign up but I need to decide which of these three choices to go for, when I’ve more time to look at them properly’.

Nudge 1: Client sent an email > I thought; I’ll decide later when I have time

Then a couple of days later I saw my client which was a little reminder about the course. I said ‘Great to see you, I’m definitely going to sign up, I just want to decide which one of those options to sign up for!’

Nudge 2: Client meeting > I thought; I’ll definitely sign up but still to decide

Couple of days later, I saw her again at an event and I asked a few of questions about which option would be the best choice for me.

Nudge 3: Met at an event > I thought; which option would be best?

Then again, another couple of days later, I still hadn’t booked on as I had lots on and I saw one of her social media posts. Another nudge… of ‘oh, I must remember to book onto that course’.

Nudge 4: Client’s Social Media post> I thought; I must remember to book

I still didn’t book though, and a couple of days later out comes another social media post.  My first thought was  ‘oh god, wouldn’t it be brilliant if she just sent a reminder email when I was at my computer and I was able to actually follow through and book now I’ve decided what to do?’

Nudge 5: Client’s Social Media post> I thought; I’d love a reminder

A few days later, I saw her at a networking event. Another reminder, and I told her, ‘I’m definitely going to sign up!’ But still got distracted with life.

Nudge 6: Networking event > I said; I’m definitely going to sign up

And again, another couple of days later I saw my client and I said, ‘listen, I’m definitely going to sign up over the weekend.’And at last I did sign up!

Nudge 7: Client meeting > I said; I’m going to sign up at the weekend

So why am I sharing this with you?

Because it usually takes between five to twelve little nudges before people buy from us.

Have you ever intended to do something but forgot or were simply distracted by other things going on in your life?

It took seven nudges for me to sign up in the above example – even as someone who already knew I was going to sign up before the invitation came out. It will typically takes more when we are marketing to people who don’t know us (cold traffic).

There were a couple lessons that have been reinforced from this experience.

I like to receive reminders 

As somebody who sells to others it’s a good thing to remember people often do like reminders. So please don’t feel pushy or worry what people may think by following with calls and emails (as long as you don’t turn into a stalker). Those who are interested will be grateful for the reminder and others will let you know if they aren’t interested.

Have you ever been glad someone reminded you about something?

The importance of visibility and consistency 

This experience also reinforced the value of consistency of being visible – in various ways e.g. in person, at events, sending emails, and being active on social media. I’m not sure I would have remembered to book had my client not done this.

Have you ever bought something from someone because you saw or heard from them regularly?

My intention in sharing this story is that this will have increased your awareness of the benefits of being proactive in the way you build relationships with people  who could buy from you. Both generally and when you are promoting something.

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I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts – please do share your comments below.

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