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Below are resources, you might find useful when incorporating business for good strategies into your business. I’ve categorised these in relation to each chapter of my book Give-to-Profit: How to Grow Your Business by Supporting Charities and Social Causes. 

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Since publishing my book another brilliant global initiative are the Global Goals–a pledge by all UN member states to tackle the world’s greatest problems by 2030. Check them out HERE.

Resources relating to each chapter of my book:

Chapter 1 – Ten Reasons to Support Social Causes Through Your Business

Chapter 2 – The Give-to-Profit Model

Chapter 3 – Twenty-Five Ways to Support Social Causes Through Your Business

Social Investment:

Micro-volunteering organisations:

Chapter 4 – Fifty-Two Ways to Raise Funds for Social Causes Through Your Business

Fundraising Platforms:

Crowd Funding Portals:

Micro-volunteering organisations:

Chapter 5 – Cause Marketing: Definition, Legislation and Best Practices

Chapter 6 – Buying Social

Chapter 7 – Connect to your ‘Why’?

Chapter 8 – Define Your Charitable Goal

Chapter 9 – Choose a Charity or Social Cause to Support

Chapter 10 – Come up with Compelling Ideas

Chapter 11 – Optimise Your Impact

Chapter 12 – Measure Your Impact

Organisations who demonstrate their social impact well:

Other resources to check out:

Chapter 13 – Share Your Story

Chapter 14 – What You Do Next Matters

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