The Top 5 Fundraising Ideas that Grew my Business

One of my greatest passions is fundraising for charities and social causes through my business, and coming up with creative ways for doing this that have the greatest positive impact.

Having raised over US$25,000 for causes through my business, I experimented with lots of ways for doing this and share some ideas in my free ebook 52 Ways to Raise Funds for Causes Through Your Business.

In this blog, I share the top 5 ways I’ve raised funds for causes through my business with a view to inspiring your and others to do something similar, so collectively we can all make the world a better place.

  • Selling my MIRACLE bracelets – this was my first idea and I think one of the best. What I discovered is that people like to buy unique tangible products that make life easier for them e.g. an impulse purchase they can use as a gift or to treat themselves. People like buying small attractive items and especially if the money they are giving is going to a good cause. This meant that I easily raised over £100 (US$150) at many networking events I went to, and because people wore them they remembered me and so often ordered more. I started doing home parties then speaking to audiences of my ideal clients about the humanitarian work I do, fundraising or growing a heart-centered business. Of course I always took along my bracelets as well as inviting attendees to sign up to my marketing freebies – many of whom have since become clients.
  • Running fundraising events thashowcase your knowledge – share your expertise to groups of your ideal clients while at the same time enjoying a good time with like-minded souls. Fundraising events can be in-person or on-line (I do both). The events I’ve run include a Tapping For Financial Success fundraising evening, on-line webinars, a tele-summit and more recently my short Cash In The Bank on-line course. I often involve others who help make the event more appealing and who may also invite their contacts along (expanding the reach of all our businesses). I sometimes also hold a raffle which raises more funds, and of course, take along my bracelets and sign up sheets for my freebies.
  • Organising a film night – we had a wonderful night in Edinburgh a few of years ago when I hosted the Scottish Film Premier of Choicepoint. We screened the film in a cinema (with red carpet), held a drinks reception, had a Q&A session with the author of the book that accompanied the film (Dr David Hamilton), had a raffle and of course sold more bracelets!
  • Holding an on-line auction – I asked lots of people in my network if they’d like to donate a product or experience to an on-line fundraising auction and was very pleasantly amazed by those who wanted to be involved. This was another fun activity that raised almost US$3,000, helped me build relationships with people in my network and was very well received by those who chose to participate.
  • Running a pilot course – a few years ago I needed to raise more funds for a trip to Rwanda and asked my audience if they’d be interested in spending two days with me learning how to take their workshops on-line, in return for donations. Not only did I raise the funds I needed and get great feedback, I ended up with an increase in ongoing revenue as most of the group signed up to a mastermind group I set up in response to their requests for ongoing support. I also then had a new course I delivered again and have since turned into an online course that continues to generate income.

What ideas do you have for raising funds for causes through your business?

I’d love to hear about your ideas so please do let me know below.

Let’s get out there in the world and make more of a difference!

With thanks,

One thing to note when you’re fundraising through your business is that there could be legislation you need to comply with as I discuss in my Give-to-Profit book.

Give-to-Profit Book

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