E012 How to Bring Fundraising into the Heart of Your Business

Launching a fundraising publishing prize in tribute to her son gave Kim Macleod from Indie Authors World an opportunity to bring his eternal presence into the core of her business, raise funds for a good cause and surprisingly generated more business too. 
In this interview Kim shares:
  • how incorporating fundraising into her business has helped celebrate her son’s short life through the work she does
  • an inspiring journey of turning heartbreak into happiness and an incredible legacy that’s touching lives around the world
  • how she got support from the media and her community expand the reach of a fundraising competition
  • many business benefits of incorporating fundraising into your business
  • how having the courage to share your story can mean you come across as being more authentic and trustworthy.

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About Kim Macleod

Kim and her husband Sinclair set up their accidental self-publishing business, Indie Authors World, in honor of their son who tragically died of Meningitis in 2007. Since then Kim has run happiness clubs, published a best-selling book From Heartbreak to Happiness. Kim and Sinclair have sold over 135,000 books between them and through their business have published 86 books on behalf of clients (including both of Alisoun’s books). 

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