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Welcome, welcome welcome to the first ever episode of The Give-to-Profit Podcast Show. This is your host Alisoun Mackenzie and I’m really excited to be here today – thanks so much for tuning in! It’s strange to think that while I’m recording this by the beach just outside Edinburgh in Scotland, you’ll be tuning in from somewhere else. So wherever you are in the world–welcome!

Since you’re here I’m guessing you’re a business owner, leader or entrepreneur who likes to support charities and social causes personally. You’re likely to be someone who wants to grow a successful business that is both profitable makes a difference in the world too. You’re interested in more than simply making money through your business. 

But is it really possible to grow a for businesses to become successful by doing good? 

Yes it is! 

I say this from personal experience, the increasing body of credible research there is on this topic and through having discussions with world leaders in this field. 

We live in a time when consumers and employees are challenging businesses to have a positive social impact. To stop focusing on profits at the expense of people, communities and the planet. Charitable giving is a powerful way do just that as I discuss in my best-selling book Give-to-Profit: How to Grow Your Business by Supporting Charities and Social Causes. This Podcast brings the Give-to-Profit philosophy to life and explores the many ways businesses can become meaningful purpose led brands–solving local and global issues.

If you’re open to the possibility that purpose and impact can drive profits this podcast is for you. 

But can you really build a successful business by focusing on impact?

How do you do this? 

What research is there to back it up?

What businesses are doing this already?

What are the many ways to support causes through a business?

How do you become a meaningful brand?

Those are just some of the topics I’ll be exploring with my guests on this Podcast. 

During our weekly shows, I’ll be interviewing successful business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs who are making a difference in the world. Together we’ll be having fascinating discussions around all these topics, sharing inspirational stories, facts, research, and tips, so you can incorporate charitable giving into your business–no matter what stage of business you’re at. And in whatever way is important to you. 

I often talk about a ‘giving spectrum’ and in the context of charitable giving, this is where at one end of the spectrum are those who want to simply ‘give’ a share of their sales or profits to a cause e.g. through philanthropic donations. While at the other end of the spectrum some people want to develop a meaningful brand by putting social impact at the heart of their business–uniting purpose and profit. Then between there are many businesses who want to explore the many ways they could incorporate charitable giving into their business e.g. with cause marketing campaigns or sourcing social suppliers and let their social impact actions influence their brand. 

My intention through this podcast is to inspire and empower you to develop a profitable business that is a force for good. 

The episodes will be a mix of interviews, discussions and occasionally I’ll be sharing insights and information I continue to discover on my social impact journey. 

The purpose of this episode is to give you an introduction to the concept of Give-to-Profit and let you know more about the show. 

Where does the concept of Give-to-Profit come from?

It seems like a long time ago that the seeds of G2P were born. It started as an inkling in my mind as I became increasingly aware my business was blossoming on the back of the fundraising I was doing to fund my humanitarian trips to support genocide survivors in Rwanda. To me raising funds through my business seemed like the obvious solution: I was running a full-time training consultancy business and was already finding balancing my business and personal life an ongoing challenge. To raise funds outside my business would have eaten into my personal life too much and so I started selling fundraising bracelets at networking events. What started off as small idea snowballed to the extent that charitable giving is embedded across my business and has become the new norm. I see my business as an extension of me and can’t now imagine doing business any other way. 

What is Give-to-Profit?

Give-to-Profit is a model for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow a business that is fulfilling, profitable and makes a difference in the world–those who are driven by more than simply making money.

Most people think they need to choose between running a profitable business, charity or social enterprise but that’s not the case. Putting social impact and charitable giving at the heart of commercial business is becoming increasingly popular, for several reasons. 

I talk about the scope of Give-to-Profit in the next episode although today think it would be helpful to give you an overview of the 7 Steps to Growing a Business by Supporting Charities and Social Causes as many of my guests will be discussing topics relating to these:

I’ve found that you’ll get the best return on your investment both in terms of your business and your impact when you embrace these steps, in this particular order:

  1. Get clear on your ‘why’ – the reasons you want to support social causes through your business, including the specific outcomes you’d like for you, your business, and the type of impact you’d like to have. 

  2. Define your charitable goal(s) – a goal you’ll work towards that resonates with what’s important to you and the impact you’d like to have. The critical success factor here is to link your charitable and business goals strategically; so both your business and chosen cause benefit. 
  3. Choose a cause to support – if you want to align your business with a cause, select one that touches your heart, satisfies personal needs and is doing good in the world. It’s also obviously important to pick one that is reliable, shares your values and is effective in its work. 
  4. Come up with compelling ideas – creative ways to meet your goals that appeal to your audience, and make the best use of all available resources. 
  5. Optimise and simplify your impact – expand your ideas through the powerful filters of a ‘Seven-Plus-Win’ model for optimal impact, and keep your ideas simple. 
  6. Measure your impact – identify ways to measure your results and impact so you know the difference you are actually making and have meaningful information you can share with others. 
  7. Share your story – many customers and businesses nowadays prefer to buy from those who care about social impact so it’s becoming increasingly important that you share your story. This is also a great way to raise the visibility of your brand and the cause(s) you support. 

While I’ve shared these seven steps in the context of supporting charities and social causes, you could apply these to any aspect of developing a social impact strategy.  

In the next episode, I share more about Give-to-Profit and how a small idea is becoming a global movement. 

What is Give-to-Profit Podcast about?

As I mentioned earlier, the intention of this podcast is to inspire and empower Business owners and entrepreneurs to grow successful businesses that are fulfilling, profitable AND make a difference in the world at the same time. 

Most weeks I’ll be interviewing people leading the way in the field of social impact and charitable giving, and occasionally it will just be me be sharing insights and information I discover along the way. We’ll be covering all sorts of topics including:

  • The benefits of putting social impact at the heart of your business. 
  • How to grow a business by supporting charities and social causes.
  • Research studies that demonstrate how social impact is good for business. 
  • The many ways to support causes through a business including fundraising, sourcing social suppliers and much more. 
  • How to measure and demonstrate your impact. 
  • How to unite purpose and profit and develop a meaningful brand.
  • Showing companies leading the way in this field. 

If any of this resonates with you, please subscribe to the podcast, on iTunes or Stitcher to make sure you hear about our weekly shows. 

What other Give-to-Profit resources are there?

Of course, if you’ve not already got a copy of my book Give-to-Profit: How to Grow Your Business by Supporting Charities and Social Causes, you can order one today from Amazon around the world or through The Book Depository (see the links below). 

I’ve also released Give-to-Profit videos on both Youtube and the Give-to-Profit Facebook Fanpage so you may want to follow me there too. I also have an online community: the Give-to-Profit Facebook group. 

Plus you’ll find lots of blogs and free resources on both my websites – www.givetoprofit.com and www.alisoun.com 

Wrap up

Thanks so much for tuning in and listening to this first-ever Give-to-Profit Podcast show. I know your time is precious and really appreciate that you’ve chosen to be here. 

It’s such a relief to have at last given birth to the Give-to-Profit Podcast after all these years of nurturing what was once a small idea–I hope what I’ve shared resonates with you. 

If it does, please do feel free to get in touch on social media or through my website. 

Until next time…

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