I know what it’s like trying a successful business that is profitable, makes a difference and doesn’t take over your life – to enjoy the excitement and great satisfaction being in business can bring and also the many challenges we can face along the way. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the brilliant support of people I have around me. 

It’s possible for you to turn your dreams into reality too..
There are two ways to approach growing a successful business – to give it a shot yourself or to do what most successful people do: work with a good coach/mentor who can guide and help you reach your destination more quickly. Why make things harder for yourself when there is an easier way to enjoy the life and business success you yearn for?
Since 2003 I’ve helped thousands of people to grow their businesses e.g. to attract more clients, to come up with products/services people want to buy, to set profitable prices people are happy to pay, to generate online revenue, publish books, and to have more social impact through their business.
Would you like any clarity, focus or direction on how to achieve any of your business goals? Or for your experience of being in business to be more enjoyable and rewarding?
If yes, I’d love to have a chat and invite you to apply for a free 30-Minute Discovery Session today…

How do these work?

The purpose of our conversation will be to help you work out the best way forward in relation to a particular business goal. You will leave with:

  • More focus – from having a well-defined goal you can work towards. 
  • More awareness – of what you need to achieve this.
  • More clarity – of what to do first.
  • Ideas for how you can do this. 

I realise some people use these calls to suss out whether they’d like to work with me and so, of course, if at the end of our call you’d like to find out how I could support you, I’d be happy to chat to you about this too. 

I offer these sessions at no cost and with an open heart, but they are not for everyone. Please only apply if:

  • you’re a positive proactive soul who enjoys taking action
  • you resonate with my approach to life, business and success
  • you think I could be someone you’d like to work with (you can find out about my business mentoring services here). 
  • you’re committed to your success i.e. you’re ready to invest the time and money now, to benefit from the support of a good business mentor . 

If that’s you, I’d love to speak to you and invite you to apply HERE today.

Why do I ask people to apply?

Quite simply I don’t want to waste your time, or mine. Those who complete the application say it helps them get more clarity ahead of our conversation so we can really focus on what’s important and will make a difference during the call. I also want to make sure I am the right person for you to spend your time speaking to. Only those who really committed to their success actually apply. Is that you? Click HERE if you’d like this time together.  

Once I’ve reviewed your application, I’ll be in touch – usually within 24 business hours (I work Monday to Thursday UK time). 

I look forward to hearing from you!


P.S. If you’d like to check out my business mentoring services you can do so HERE. You can also find out about my online courses HERE.


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