Why am I Giving Away my Online Courses?

Why would someone who earns a living from online courses decide to give them away?

It’s something I’ve been considering for a while. I even wrote about it as one compassionate strategy for turning your business into a force for good in my Give-to-Profit Book a couple of years ago. 

So why now?

Read on to discover why I’m giving away my online courses and how you can get access to them. 

It feels right

Despite wanting to do this for several years something held me back. There have been plenty of times I’ve away short masterclasses and online courses. However I’ve never given away the longer transformational training programs that have been the core of my business. 

How could I still earn a good living if I were to give away one of my main income streams?

My head was saying one thing while my body and intuition were nudging me in another direction. But I didn’t feel ready. I first needed to lean in and explore the flutter in my heart to see where it would lead. 

Until now, today feels perfect. 

What’s changed?

  1. I’m pivoting my business – I still LOVE working with clients and delivering online courses. However, from next year my focus will be helping Women over 40 Create a life of Meaning, Vitality, and Impact. I will continue to help women grow a successful business on a one-to-one basis, but I will no longer be delivering my online business coaching programs. So what do I do with the great online courses my clients have loved?

  2. My courses transform lives – since 2010 my courses have helped many business owners master their marketing, attract more clients, create their own online courses, and turn their business into a force for good. They have helped many people grow a sustainable business.  So it feels such a waste to simply delete them. I’d prefer to give them to people who could benefit from them–in a similar way we give away other items that we no longer need. 

  3. I’m raising funds to sponsor a school in Lombok – I’m raising funds to rebuild schools in Lombok that were destroyed in the 2018 earthquake. Rather than deleting my courses or giving them away for free what better way to have more impact than to give them away for donations. 

  4. It’s Giving Tuesday on 1st December – once a year businesses and individuals around the world come together on Giving Tuesday to do something to support good causes. What better day to do this than on Giving Tuesday? Or in this case for the week leading up to Giving Tuesday.

What courses am I giving away?

I’m giving away home-study versions of all my business online courses for business owners.

Courses I used to sell for £295-£570 ($385-$745) you can get TODAY for only £75+ (approx. $97). 

Here are details of the courses I’m giving away for donations from 24th November 2020 to 1st December 2020 (midnight US Pacific time):

  • The Compassionate Sales Formula – this is for you if you’d love more clients but hate the idea of marketing, selling and charging good fees for your services. 

  • The Online Course Creator – want to create engaging transformational online courses people will want to buy? Check out this course. 

  • The Business Impact Online Program – turn your business into a force for good and become known as a business-for-good brand. 

How does this work?

To get access to one of these courses:

  1. Check out the courses <HERE> – IGNORE the pricing and don’t sign up using any of these course pages. Instead, follow the instructions below to get access to the courses at the highly discounted donation price. 

  2. Make a donation of at least £75 (approx $97) per course via my fundraising page <HERE>. 

  3. Email me – at results@alisoun.com to let me know you’ve made a donation with details of the course you’d like access to. I will then give you access to the course within 24 hours. 

Please note: these courses are only available for donations received by midnight on 1st December 2020 (US Pacific time). 

Can I get access to these courses another time?

The only other way to get access to these courses going forward will be if you’re one of my Business Growth Mentoring clients (who get complimentary access to all my online business courses). If you’d like one-to-one help with your business, I’d of course be delighted to speak to you. 

Can I donate even if I don’t want access to these courses?

Yes of course! I’d be delighted to receive any donations anytime <HERE>.

Your invitation 

If you’re wanting to grow your business and do this in a way that makes a difference in the world, this is a great way to both develop your skills and do good at the same time. Check out the courses available <HERE>.

With love,

P.S.  Contact me if you’d like to know how I can help you create a joyful life of meaning, vitality, or impact – personally or through your business.

Often described as one of the most authentic and inspiring souls you can meet, Alisoun is on a mission to improve the lives of 100,000 people–by making it easier for women over forty to thrive, make the most of life, and have more impact in the world.

Alisoun’s personal support, online group programs, mentoring, talks, and best-selling books Heartatude: The 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success and Give-to-Profit: How to Grow Your Business by Supporting Charities and Social Causes have favorably changed the good fortune of thousands of people worldwide. She loves travelling, exploring, and living by the beach in Scotland.

Alisoun is has written the following free resources:

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