Could Having Ongoing Personal Support Help You
Turn Your Passion into Profits?

Welcome to The Compassionate Business Programme

For proactive business owners who are committed to their success, and want regular one-to-one support–from a heart-centered mentor who will guide you, encourage you, believe in you, and help you to make your business dreams come true. 

Most people find running a profitable business a challenge, and it can be. But it’s so much easier when you have the support of someone who can guide you.

Imagine enjoying the benefits of having a successful business, and the life-style you dream off…

Imagine  being able to get help, answers, feedback and support on an on-going basis–so you can turn your dreams into reality more quickly…

How would that be?

My clients tell me that my ongoing support and guidance, helps them get more clarity, focus, and to take inspired action that grows their business.

Kim MacLeod

Kim MacLeod, Indie Authors World
Alisoun’s really helped us grow our business in such an authentic, heart centred way. We’ve tweaked our marketing, services, and pricing, plus come up with a publishing prize that keeps the legacy of our son Calum alive. We’ve now got a profitable business that supports our family, and continues to grow. We couldn’t have done this with you Alisoun.

Melba Beetham

Melba Beetham, Melba Beetham Design
Alisoun helped me develop my marketing strategy and saved me huge amounts of wasted time. I’ve had so many insights into effective sales, and marketing approaches. She’s incredibly skilful in helping you to focus and work towards goals, and has a talent in helping you to energise this process.

The Compassionate Business Programme is a flexible support package that will give you clarity, focus and momentum, so you achieve your business goals more quickly.

At the heart of this programme, is nurturing an approach where you come from place of love, kindness and compassion–towards yourself as much as those you’d like to serve through your business.

Balance, leverage and wisdom form the foundation of your success…

What can I help you with?

The aim is to help you grow a heart-centered business that both lights your heart and is sustainable–financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The focus is on your goal, and how you make the most of this programme, is up to you. It depends on the dreams you have, and where you are now. I can help you to:

  • Get clear on your product/service offering
  • Attract more clients with marketing strategies you enjoy
  • Create and implement effective marketing plans
  • Develop multiple revenue streams from books, online courses, and other ‘wisdom’ products
  • Design courses and workshops that sell (online and in-person events) 
  • Get your book written and published 
  • Take your business to the next level
  • Enjoy a better work-life balance
  • Become the best authentic leader you were born to be
  • Overcome overwhelm so you enjoy being in business again

How does the programme work?

When we first start working together, we’ll have a 2-hour strategy session during which I’ll help you set a compelling goal that’s aligned to your vision, strengths, values, and your ideal lifestyle.Together we’ll come up with a plan for how you can achieve this.

Then I’ll support you in implementing this, every step of the way.

I offer a couple of different levels of mentoring support, so you have the flexibility to create a package that works well for you: 

Gold Package

Enjoy an hour a month of one-to-one support, plus access to my private client on-line community–so you can get answers to your questions anytime. Typically business mentoring sessions are a mix of business guidance, coaching or tools to overcome mindset blocks, depending on what you need each month.

For proactive self-motivated souls who are good at staying focussed on their goals, and taking action to implement them without much direction.

£200 a month
(approx. US$275)


6 for 5 – £1,000
When paid upfront
(approx. US$1,375)

Platinum Package

Benefit from more of my time each month, for mentoring sessions or to have me review what you’re working on. Plus get unlimited support through my on-line community, and access to my home-study courses–so you make better use of our time together, and implement your ideas more effectively.

For proactive souls who’d like more guidance or feedback, or several short one-to-one sessions a month to build momentum.

£400 a month
(approx. US$550)


6 for 5 – £2,000
When paid upfront
(approx. US$2,750)

Here’s to Your Success!

 I loving helping proactive and committed heart-centered souls to grow profitable businesses that make a difference in the world.

 If you resonate with what I’ve shared above, and you’re ready to turn your dreams into reality, I’d love to have a chat – to help you work out your next steps, and if this Programme could work for you.

To apply for a free 30-minute Discovery Session with me, click HERE.

Let’s make your future success happen now!

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