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I have read so many books on chronic fatigue in my quest to get better. Here are some of my favourites worth checking out. 

Some of these are books on the illness itself. Others are about key strategies that will help you recover from chronic fatigue or support someone with the illness. 

This is one in a series of blogs I’ve written on Chronic Fatigue. Check them all out <HERE>.

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Decode Your Fatigue by Alex Howard

This was the first book that really gave me hope I’d recover from chronic fatigue. The author set up the Optimum Health Clinic in London after recovering from chronic fatigue. The author gives an excellent overview of the illness and steps to take to get better. After reading the book, I become a patient at that clinic. Check it out <HERE>.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Your Route to Recovery by Lauren Windas

A practical easy-to-read book by someone else who has recovered from the illness. It explains the complexity of chronic fatigue and how to recover from it. The author is a nutritionist and mindset coach, so this book includes good chapters on these topics. The author is also the founder of the wellness clinic in London. Check it out <HERE>. 

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Finding Freedom by Raelan Agle

A raw story of hope and inspiration as the author takes you on a journey around the world as she struggled to cope and recover from chronic fatigue. An engaging mix of personal experience with practical tips on topics including nutrition, mindset, and exercise. Check it out <HERE>.

Books on Chronic Fatigue Blog - Chronic fatigue journal - Sun - Front Cover


Chronic Fatigue 90-Day Recovery Journal by Alisoun Mackenzie

OK, I know this may be cheeky but I designed these journals so you find it easier to cope better, feel better, and reclaim your life. I think they’re a great mix of daily journalling, tracking your symptoms, and planning your recovery, with prompts and guidance notes. Check it out <HERE>.

Books on Chronic Fatigue Blog - The Resilience Blueprint - front cover


The Resilience Blueprint by Dr Dani Gordon

While this book is about recovering from burnout rather than chronic fatigue, the author is an expert in this area. As a medical doctor, integrative medicine doctor, and one of the world’s leaders in medical cannabis, the author offers fresh scientific perspectives and the latest treatments. At the time of writing, I am one of Dr Gordon’s patients. Check it out <HERE>.  

Books on Chronic Fatigue Blog - Recovery, The Lost Art of Convalenscene - Front Cover


Recovery: The Lost Art of Convalescence by Dr Gavin Francis

This is a lovely thought-provoking and easy read about the value of taking time out to recuperate. At the heart of this is giving yourself permission to recover when we live in a face paced world that often challenges us to keep going. Check it out <HERE>. 

Books on Chronic Fatigue Blog - Food for Life - Book Cover


Food for Life: The Science of Eating Well by Tim Spector

An absolutely fascinating book about all kinds of food. Packed with facts and the latest scientific research this is a surprisingly easy and informative read that will dispel many myths or outdated advice you’ve heard about food over the last few decades. Check it out <HERE>. 

Books on Chronic Fatigue Blog - Energy Medicine Book - Front Cover


Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

I’ve been an energy medicine fan for years and it’s been a pleasure to revisit this fascinating book from the perspective of healing chronic fatigue. With chapters on meridian energy lines in your body, chakras, auras, acupuncture, and pain relief, it’s packed with practical techniques to aid your recovery.  Check it out <HERE>. 

Books on Chronic Fatigue Blog - Young Forever - Front Cover


Forever Young by Dr Mark Hyman

It’s always reassuring when a book reconfirms many things you’ve already learned about how to recover from chronic illness and optimise your health. This book is packed with tips on how to fuel your cells with the right nutrients to reduce inflammation and boost your energy with healthy gut practices, mitochondria therapy, fasting, detoxification, and other strategies. Check it out <HERE>. 

Books on Chronic Fatigue Blog - Medical Medium Book - Front Cover


Medical Medium by Anthony Williams

This book offers a completely different yet intriguing approach to healing particularly if you’ve suffered from Epstein Barr (glandular fever or mono) or other viruses that are one of the reasons you’re now suffering from chronic fatigue. It got me to stop and think about much of what I believe about recovering from illness is true. Check it out <HERE>.

I hope you’ve found this blog helpful. This is one of a series of blogs to help you recover from chronic fatigue. Check out the full series <HERE>.

Remember, you matter, and what you do next matters. 

With love and gratitude,

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