The Power of Being Versus the Stress of Doing

I wonder if like me you’ve been conditioned to believe you need to work hard to do well in life or make your business work?

We all experience ups and downs in life and running a successful business can certainly feel like hard work at times. But it doesn’t always have to be that way!

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How to Feel the Energy of Success…

If you ever set yourself a goal or dream that didn’t happen one of the contributing factors is likely to have been how you felt about achieving this. 

Today I share why stepping into the energy of success is so important and how to embrace this. 

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Your Body Knows What’s Best For You And Your Business – But Are You Listening?

Your body’s a wonderful feedback mechanism for letting you know what’s in your best interest or not  – in terms of what you’re doing in the moment, eating or drinking, the people you’re exposing yourself to, the habits you embrace and even what you’re doing in your business.

But do you pay attention to the nudges your body gives you? Or ignore them because you think you know best?

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Do You Ever Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself?

Last week a friend and I had to laugh at each other as we spoke on our mobiles from our sick beds. Not because we were both ill, but because we both recognised the irony of teaching the importance of being kind to ourselves, and yet knowing working too hard had contributed to us being ill!

The desire to enjoy a better work/life balance was one of the main drivers for me going into business. As well as wanting to do something I loved that made a difference in the world.

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Are You Open To Receiving Miracles?

Sometimes when we have a dream or a goal the biggest challenge we face is our own doubts, and particularly those relating to what’s possible.

Have you ever dismissed a dream or goal you’d love to achieve because you didn’t believe it could be possible for you to achieve it?

If yes, please let go of all your doubts and particularly not knowing HOW it will happen – and instead trust it COULD!

Do you think that our young Rwandan Ambassador Chantal ever thought that Anthony Robins would buy her a home and shop? No – she put her heart and soul into overcoming the trauma she’d experienced since loosing her family during the genocide, learning new skills, setting up a shop from the room she was living in and building strong heart-centered relationships with in her community and with our team. Through this she shared her dream with us and the universe conspired to make it happen.

Likewise I’ve had an image of a grey Audi TT on my wall for years – I didn’t know when I’d justify buying one as I have so many other priorities, but I allowed myself to get excited about the potential of enjoying this luxury. I set the intention, unconsciously saw the photo most days and followed my heart in the work I’ve chosen to do. All the while trusting that if it was ‘right’ for me it would manifest. Last week I couldn’t stop laughing to myself when it became a reality and I’m still oozing with gratitude today — because I’d manifested it in a way I didn’t even have to pay for it!

For most of us to BELIEVE and FEEL it’s possible for us to achieve or manifest something, we first need to believe it’s possible for someone else. Many like proof before they will believe something is possible (e.g. to have seen or experienced it for themselves or to have heard about it from a reputable source). As I see at workshops when I offer a £20 unconditionally to attendees, many are also held back by beliefs such as ‘you don’t get something for nothing’ and or ‘there must be a catch.’

But what could be different for you if you believed things could be POSSIBLE until proven otherwise? That there are many ways to get or achieve what you’d love that you just don’t know about yet? And that there are lots generous souls who give things away for nothing, without any expectations?

None of us know the answers to how everything works or what will unfold for us, so why slow yourself down, or limit your future with unhelpful thoughts and beliefs? Instead I encourage you to be open to the possibility that what you’d LOVE to happen could be possible, even if you don’t know how – yet.

The moment you become open to receiving unexpected opportunities and miracles they will appear…

To change your energy to one of possibility:

  1. Name your goal or dream – focussing on what you’d like rather than what you don’t want.
  2. Eliminate doubts/negative emotions in relation to them.
  3. Raise your energy vibration – e.g. with a vision board, meditating, visualising your goals as though they’ve already happened or sharing your dreams with others who could help or are already living your dream.
  4. Take your first steps aligned to this.

When you dare to dream about what you’d love and align your thoughts, feelings and actions to this, unexpected ‘miracles’ really can happen. If you want to find out more about how to do this, check out my book Heartatude, The 9 Principles of Heart-Centered Success here.

Have fun manifesting!

I’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts – please do share your comments below.

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What Does The Energy Of Success Feel Like?

Transcript: I would like to speak to you about the energy of success.

In my book, ‘Heartatude, and the Nine Principles of Heart Centered Success’, I talk about the alignment of your head, heart and actions to your goal, your dream, whatever it is that gives your life greater purpose, because when we have this alignment, that is when the things that we would love to happen, are more likely to happen. Whenever we don’t get the results that we want, it’s because there is some kind of misalignment of each of these four factors.

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