What Does The Energy Of Success Feel Like?

Transcript: I would like to speak to you about the energy of success.

In my book, ‘Heartatude, and the Nine Principles of Heart Centered Success’, I talk about the alignment of your head, heart and actions to your goal, your dream, whatever it is that gives your life greater purpose, because when we have this alignment, that is when the things that we would love to happen, are more likely to happen. Whenever we don’t get the results that we want, it’s because there is some kind of misalignment of each of these four factors.

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Small changes can make HUGE difference…

I was away skiing last week and was excited to have had a huge ‘aha moment’ on the slopes.

I’ve been skiing for over 25 years and while I really enjoy it and can competently ski down most slopes, I’ve never been the most elegant of skiers. But this year that all changed. How?

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The Power Of Exciting Goals

It’s really exciting to have a dream or an idea – but how do you turn this into reality?

Setting and embracing heart driven goals is a great starting point. And there are two ways to do this – one is to set yourself a ‘realistic’ goal that you are confident about achieving. Or you can set yourself a humungous goal that seems mad or scary yet excites you. There is no right or wrong. What’s more important is that you set yourself goals aligned to your vision and that tap into what motivates you and energises you, so you feel compelled to act.

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It’s Good To Put Yourself First Sometimes…

I wonder if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, lacking energy or unhappy about the results you’re getting?

Over the last six weeks I’ve been suffering from a virus that has resulted in me spending a lot of time sleeping. As someone who is active and always doing things, giving in to my body has been a challenge. But eventually I recognized this as a nudge to stop and make some changes.

As a consequence I’ve committed to myself to re-establish daily habits in 2014 that will put me in the best place to feel good, be happy and healthy. One of these is to exercise in a way I love each day and last week I decided to watch the film Choice Point while on my running machine – I am so glad I did!

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Does your network inspire you?

I’ve just come back from a fantastic conference in the US with 300 proactive personal development specialists, who were all keen to help grow each other’s businesses.

It was energizing and inspiring to meet so many positive and enlightened souls who are out there doing such good work in the world. But it was also very apparent that attendees fell into two distinct categories – those who were enjoying great lifestyles because of their business success and those still running expensive hobbies.

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Could detoxing your business help?

One of my favourite times of the year is the first day I see lambs playing in the fields. But I also love the colours and feelings of letting go in the autumn. It’s a great time to prune away the old so you can flourish and grow more radiantly when spring arrives again. Detoxing your business to get it more aligned to the life you’d like to enjoy every day, and your business goals, is something you can do any time of year.

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It’s Good To Stop & Enjoy Yourself

I love how when I come back from Rwanda I’m always in an emotional and physical state of what I call ‘Rwandan Gratitude’ – I have a comfy bed, electricity, hot water to shower in, nice food and many other comforts I usually take for granted.

In Rwanda things often don’t go as we plan or would like. And in these times we find that miracles unfold when we surrender any attachment we have to desired outcomes and become more fully present in the moment – and especially when we sing and dance with our young ambassadors!

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