• One of my fondest memories of my honeymoon in Sri Lanka last year was watching masses of elephants in their natural habitat – these majestic animals were mesmerising!

    While I’d love it if elephants could master the ability to better dodge poachers, what are they really good at is just being the  unique elephant they were born to be – part of a family community, roaming vast areas (thanks their incredible long-range infrasound) and being compassionate towards others in distress.

  • Last week a client asked for help on who she could contact to expand her business. I gave her some ideas and offered to introduce her to a couple of people – and it felt so good to see Facebook messages going back and forth within minutes as she arranged meetings with those I’d introduced her to.

    Personally I’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of contacts who have introduced me to people and made implementing my ideas and getting business

  • If you’re reading this, you’re most likely to enjoy helping and making a difference to others. But does this approach really pay off in business?

    I’m having a great time researching this topic ahead of hosting my first‘Give To Profit’ Fundraising Tele-summit’ next month with lots of fantastic speakers who do business with heart. And so today I thought I’d share a couple of really encouraging findings I’ve discovered from reading ‘Give And Take’ by Adam Grant:

  • When I started in business the thing I disliked the most was ‘selling’ myself  – I loved working with clients, promoting others but not myself  because I didn’t want to come across as ‘salesy’.

    Thankfully I’ve since discovered many highly effective ways to get clients by getting the balance of right of being kind, generous and valuing myself. And so I thought I’d share a couple of these today:

    • Give your clients an incentive to
  • Is there anything you do in your business that you’re not good at or don’t want to do?

    While it’s advisable to master many skills to succeed in business (e.g. business planning, marketing and sales), there are some tasks you could delegate to SAVE you time, money and energy. And to ultimately enable you to enjoy your ideal business and lifestyle more quickly.

  • One of the greatest resources you can build for your business is an email list of your ideal clients. But what do you do with it?

    I used to send out monthly emails and was concerned about sending any more for fear of ‘bothering’ my list. Until I understood the benefits of sending out more frequent content based emails.

    Are there some emails you usually open? And others you ignore?

    I’ll bet some of what influences your decision to open an

  • I wonder if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, lacking energy or unhappy about the results you’re getting?

    Over the last six weeks I’ve been suffering from a virus that has resulted in me spending a lot of time sleeping. As someone who is active and always doing things, giving in to my body has been a challenge. But eventually I recognized this as a nudge to stop and make some changes.

    As a consequence I’ve committed to myself to re-establish daily

  • I’ve just come back from a fantastic conference in the US with 300 proactive personal development specialists, who were all keen to help grow each other’s businesses.

    It was energizing and inspiring to meet so many positive and enlightened souls who are out there doing such good work in the world. But it was also very apparent that attendees fell into two distinct categories – those who were enjoying great lifestyles because of their business success and those still running

  • One of my favourite times of the year is the first day I see lambs playing in the fields. But I also love the colours and feelings of letting go in the autumn. It’s a great time to prune away the old so you can flourish and grow more radiantly when spring arrives again. Detoxing your business to get it more aligned to the life you’d like to enjoy every day, and your business goals, is something you can do

  • One of the most common blocks many heart-centered business owners face is not knowing how to ‘sell’ in a way that feels good and gets clients. Does this ring true for you?

    Are you someone who finds all sorts of things to do rather than pick up the phone, follow up leads or invite people to buy your services?

    Yet a basic principle of business success is selling enough of your products/services to generate the cash and lifestyle you’d love.

  • One of the things I love about being in business is that it’s a great opportunity to express the true essence of who you are – if you know who that is and have the courage to do it!

    I recently had a conversation with someone who’d been advised to ‘tone down’ what they were wearing so they came across as being more ‘professional’ – despite this person being extremely talented in their field, having a huge heart and lots

  • Have you ever met someone at a networking event who was saying all the right things, but there was something about them you just didn’t trust?

    Maybe there’s been a time when you said ‘no’ to buying from someone despite looking for the solution they offered?

    You’ve possibly even met people you’ve ‘liked’ but because they lacked confidence in themselves, you didn’t have confidence in what they were offering?

    Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had a great time

  • Imagine feeling connected to your life purpose, where you feel a deep sense of contentment and inner peace.

    And having a successful business completely aligned to this… a business where people readily buy what you’re offering.

    When I decided to volunteer in Rwanda I had no idea just now it would change my life and my business. I’d simply been looking for an opportunity to ‘give back’ in a way that would add meaning to my life.

  • I love how when I come back from Rwanda I’m always in an emotional and physical state of what I call ‘Rwandan Gratitude’ – I have a comfy bed, electricity, hot water to shower in, nice food and many other comforts I usually take for granted.

    In Rwanda things often don’t go as we plan or would like. And in these times we find that miracles unfold when we surrender any attachment we have to desired outcomes and become more

  • The two most common things that I hear business owners struggling with is how to get enough sales and bring in the money that will provide them with the life they really want. And while there are many practical strategies I can help my clients with, I find that some people don’t do what they know they need to do, because they are feeling resistance towards actually doing it.

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    For too long the focus of many businesses has been about survival of the fittest; trying to out-smart the competition as though there is not enough business or money to go around; measuring success only in terms of profit with little consideration for social impact; and trying to convince consumers that they have a ‘need’ for what the business wants to sell rather than creating products and services that are in the best interest of the customer.

    Thankfully however, times

  • I wonder if like me you’ve had mixed experiences when networking?

    This week having just returned from 3 weeks holiday, I’ve been doing quite a bit of networking (on-line and face-to-face) and I’ve had a great time – at least most of the time!

    I’ve met some fantastic like-minded people who I felt energised around and look forward to getting to know better. There were others who seemed nice enough but something was ‘missing’ in our conversations. And a

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    I love how we have this amazing feedback mechanism in our own bodies, to help guide us through life – letting us know what’s good for us, what’s working and what’s not. And that’s is your feelings.

    Because your feelings are a reflection of what’s going on in the power house of your unconscious mind – the part of you that is driving what you do and how you do it. So if you’re feeling any resistance, fear, worry,

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