7 Steps to a Joyful Meaningful Life

Wish you could feel a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, or fulfillment in your life?

Or feel there’s got to be more to life than you’re experiencing right now?

You’re not alone. Many women over forty feel life isn’t quite as they’d like it to be – until they embrace this stage of life as an opportunity for change.

Depending on what research you read, anything from 75% of people are on a quest to connect to what will give their life more meaning. 

Once you connect to a sense of meaning, you’re more likely to feel better about yourself, enjoy more emotional, physical, and emotional wellbeing, plus live longer. 

What is ‘meaning’?

Meaning is your reason for living: your why? It’s what gets you out of bed each morning. It’s a feeling that radiates from within you, yet you can only feel it when you’re connected to others or something bigger outside of you.

A meaningful life is enriching, although it isn’t always easy. Nor does meaning always equate to happiness.  

“A human being is not one in pursuit of happiness, but rather in search of a reason to become happy.” Viktor E Frankl, Author of Man’s Search for Meaning. 

The good news is that by focusing on what you can control and influence (your thoughts, feelings, and actions) you can create a meaningful AND fulfilling life. 

The nine nuggets of living a meaningful life

We feel a sense of meaning when we move:

  • from feeling there’s something wrong with us to feeling self-love;
  • from surviving to thriving;
  • from feeling loneliness to belonging;
  • from disconnection to a full expression of our authentic self;
  • from a lack to abundance mindset in the way we tell our story;
  • from victim to personal leadership;
  • from separation to transcendence;
  • from worthlessness to purpose; and
  • from ambivalence to intentional impact.

Seven steps to a happy meaningful life

How do we make these shifts? By following these simple steps:

1. Connect to your WHY?

Take time out to explore what a meaningful life would look like to you. What is missing in your life? What’s important to you? What do you yearn for? If you were living your highest purpose what would you be doing? What’s holding you back from enjoying this now?

2. Embrace possibility and success

Expand your vision for what’s possible. Let go of beliefs and feelings that no longer serve you. Instead, choose to embrace a mindset of possibility and success to accelerate your journey towards enjoying a meaningful life. It’s possible. You can do this. You deserve it!

3. You matter: nurture you

Looking after yourself is the greatest gift you can give your soul and others. Plan to do this by developing an enjoyable, healthy, and consistent self-care practice. One that enables you to get all your needs met and thrive (mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually).

4. Unleash the authentic woman you were born to be

Get clear on your passions, gifts, talents, and what feeds your soul. So you can reconnect and step into your unique feminine superpower and the woman you were born to be. It’s time for fun, creativity, and exploration. Let’s go!

5. Make a difference in the world

Identify how you can be of greater service in the world. Ways you can help tackle local, global, social, or environmental issues you care about. What issues are you concerned about? What charities or causes pull at your heartstrings? What compels you into action?

6. Create an exciting vision 

Now it’s time to consolidate your ideas and create an exciting vision board that represents all the opportunities and possibilities you want to explore. Imagine, what could your ideal future look like, when you’re living a joyful meaningful life?

7. Take inspired action 

Nothing is going to change until you start taking inspired action aligned to your truth and the impact you want to have in the world. Let’s create a plan to prioritise your ideas–so you ensure what you do in the future is aligned with your truth and the meaningful life you want to enjoy.

Ready to create a more meaningful, fulfilling, and joyful life?

Like every other woman on the planet, you deserve to be happy.

Many women get distracted by the illusion they are not good enough or as worthy as others. This is nonsense.

Your invitation

Imagine what a meaningful life would look like for you. Ready to create a joyful meaningful life you’ll look back on with pride? Check out My Meaningful Life Coaching Programme <HERE>.

With love,

P.S. Check out My Meaningful Life Coaching Programme HERE. 

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