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50+ Adventure Ideas for Midlife Women

Looking for adventure ideas so you can ignite more fun in your life?

You’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, I share a list of over fifty questions to ask yourself, so you find it easier to come up with plenty of adventurous things to do. 

Why don’t I just share a list of adventure ideas? Because we all have different likes and dislikes, resources, and restraints. We also all live around the world. If I simply listed ideas, many of these would be irrelevant to you. 

Instead, I share a list of questions to ask yourself, to stimulate more exciting and applicable adventure ideas. Use these questions to come up with the best bucket list ideas for you!

To make these easier to work through, I’ve split this list into several categories: adventure travel ideas, experiences that could become an adventure, local adventure ideas, activities and adventurous things to do, and personal development journeys. 

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Adventure travel ideas

Places you’d love to visit, cultures you’d like to experience, and wildlife want to see in their natural habitat. 

  • Where would I love to go?
  • What road trips do I fancy?
  • What countries or destinations have I always wanted to visit?
  • What travel experiences have I yet to do?
  • What type of trip, holiday, or retreat appeals?
  • What cultures would I like to explore or experience?
  • What animals would I love to see in the wild?
  • What destinations or activities would I like to explore with others?
  • What famous sights would I love to see?
  • Where do I want to go while I’m still fit and able to do so?

Experiences that could be an adventure

Life-enriching activities and experiences you could explore as a new adventure. 

  • What places, experiences, or adventures are on my bucket list?
  • Who would I love to visit?
  • How could I combine adventures with catching up with family and friends?
  • What would I love to experience?
  • What charities, environmental projects, or community groups could I get involved in?
  • How could I get involved in supporting a cause I feel strongly about?
  • How could I volunteer at sports or local events?
  • How would I like to make a difference?
  • How could I spend more time in nature?
  • What kind of festivals would I love to attend?
  • What outdoor or artistic events happen locally or around the country?
  • Have I ever wished I could run a small business or side hustle?
  • What skills or passions could I turn into a fulfilling venture?
  • Do I have a desire to write a book or blog?
  • What am I curious about I could turn into an adventure?

Local adventure ideas 

Places nearby you could enjoy as mini-adventures or incorporate into your life. 

  • Are there any local festivals or cultural events that I haven’t attended yet?
  • Where locally have I yet to visit?
  • Are there any historical sites or landmarks in my local area I haven’t explored?
  • What mini or local adventures sound fun?
  • What local groups or clubs interest me?
  • How can I immerse myself in the local traditions and celebrations?
  • Are there any historical sites or landmarks in my local area I haven’t explored?
  • How could I support refugees or people in my community?
  • How could I get involved with local environmental or conservation projects?

Activities: adventurous things to

Things to do to have fun and introduce you to lots of new friends, possibilities, and opportunities. 

  • What activities would I love to try?
  • What walks, outdoor activities or hiking trails could be fun?
  • What did I love doing when I was younger that I’d like to do again?
  • What activities or hobbies have intrigued me, but I’ve yet to pursue?
  • What physical activities or sports am I curious about or want to try?
  • How could I get involved in supporting a cause I feel strongly about?
  • What forms of creative expression, such as writing, painting, photography, music, or drama, have always intrigued me?
  • Where could I meet like-minded women?
  • What fitness goals or challenges appeal to me?
  • What adrenaline-pumping activities, such as zip-lining, bungee jumping, or skydiving, could I do?
  • How could I participate in a marathon, triathlon, or other athletic events?
  • Are there any local historical figures or mysteries that I could research?
  • What could I do to optimise my health and fitness for years to come?
  • Are there any book clubs that align with my interests?

Personal development journeys

Learn a new skill or challenge yourself so you still feel the excitement and joy of life as you age.

  • What tours or trips could I do to learn a new skill?
  • Are there any workshops, retreats, or courses I’ve been curious about?
  • How can I enhance my skills or knowledge in a particular area?
  • How could I learn something new, such as a new language or musical instrument?
  • How can I explore and develop artistic skills?
  • How could I make new friends through activities that interest me, e.g., through joining a club or going on an activity holiday?
  • How could I challenge myself physically, mentally, or emotionally?
  • How can I step out of my comfort zone and embrace new adventures?

What’s next?

What type of adventures appeal the most to you?

Want to capture all your ideas in one place? Or to find it easier to plan and remember your adventures?

I designed my Adventure Journal to enable you to do this. It has pages to list down all your ideas so you can prioritise them, put the dates in your diary, and start turning your adventures into reality. This journal is the perfect aid for planning and remembering all sorts of day trips, mini breaks, and micro-adventures. Check it out <HERE>.

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Remember, age should never be a barrier to pursuing new activities and adventures. Embrace your passions, interests, and curiosity, and let them guide you toward exciting experiences!

You matter, your happiness matters, and you do next matters.

Let the adventures begin!

With love and gratitude,

Life Coach, Business Mentor, & Author for Midlife Women 

Empowering you to enjoy a life of purpose, adventure, and fun in your midlife years and beyond. 

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