The power of being 100% all-in

Last December I decided to adopt a new mantra: I’m 100% all-in. 

I’ve been telling myself this several times every day over the last few weeks, and it’s been a shock to realise how far I’d allowed myself to drift away from my usual positive ‘I can do it’ attitude. 

After seven years of struggling with chronic fatigue, menopause, and long Covid, I’d done my best to remain positive. But I’d also become more hesitant about doing things as I was scared I wouldn’t be able to keep up, complete what I started, or would let others down. 

Thanks to the incredible boost I’m now getting from female testosterone (part of my HRT treatment) I’ve thankfully got a lot more energy again – phew!!! 

However, I also knew it was time to shift my mindset too if I wanted to make the most of life again. 

Your mindset makes a huge difference

You see there’s a fine balance between surrendering and proactively putting yourself in the best place to be happy, healthy, and successful. 

Acceptance and giving ourselves time to heal from any physical, mental, or emotional challenges is obviously important. 

But only until any real threat has passed. Thereafter, if we continue to use outdated concerns as excuses for not participating fully in life, this becomes self-sabotage.

Being 100% all-in isn’t always about doing more

Being 100% all-in whilst also being intentional about giving your body what it needs, is a much healthier approach to feeling good, and making the most of life. 

But what does this really mean? 

Going 100% all-in for the things you choose to do as long as your body feels it’s the right thing to do. 

Plus giving yourself permission to stop, heal, and be kind to yourself when you feel tired, exhausted, or in pain, 

The subtle shift into the energy of being 100% all-in unlocks infinite possibilities, potential, and opportunities. You’re likely to feel better and achieve far more. 

Being intentionally mindful of feedback from your body and being kind to yourself helps you to prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed or getting ill.

New 100% all-in habits

Since adopting this mantra:

  • Being 100% all-in means the first thing I do each morning is to remind myself of the mantra, get up, and do things that enable me to put my health first – rather than distracting myself by checking things on my phone or getting straight into work. 

  • Telling myself I’m 100% all-in as I walk into the North Sea for a dip, means I march into the freezing cold water with bold determination – rather than being tentative or running out almost as soon as I get wet. 

  • I’ve said ‘yes’ to far more opportunities and stepped up to be more active again – enjoying more walks, spending more time with friends, and starting swimming and running again (albeit slowing), the latter being things I wasn’t sure I’d ever do again. 

  • I’ve met and worked with more fabulous people through my business thank I would have done otherwise.

  • I’ve STOPPED doing activities that are not good for my body or not aligned with my personal or business goals.

  • I’ve made the effort to catch up with friends more again and that feels great!

That’s why I’m 100% all-in has now become my mantra for 2022. 

Do more of what works

Because when you find something that works, the smartest thing to do is to do more of it!

What about you?

Want to feel better, achieve more, or wish something in your life was different?

If you’re already taking action and are going in the right direction, congratulations! I simply ask you to consider whether being 100% all-in could boost your efforts even more?

However, if what you’re currently doing isn’t working then that’s feedback, it’s time for a change. To keep doing what isn’t working is crazy – it will only attract more of what you don’t want. 

Imagine what could be different if you were to be 100% all-in…

What doubts, fears, or uncertainties would it be good to let go?

What would you do differently to be 100% all-in from today?

Hit reply and let me know.

With love

The Meaningful Life Guide, Best-Selling Author & Coach for Midlife Women
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